FOX News Poll Overwhelming Support for Pathway to Citizenship for Dreamers & Undocumented Immigrants

With Trump Disapproval ratings in the HUGE range!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 8.21.59 AM.pngWashington, DC  –  A new FOX News poll is the latest in a swell of recent national polls to find overwhelming support from Americans, including Republicans, for Congress passing legislation that puts Dreamers on a path to citizenship.  Some key takeaways:
  • 57% disapprove of the job President Trump is doing on immigration;
  • 79% of voters support opening a path to citizenship for Dreamers—including 63% of Trump voters;
  • 62% say it is “extremely” or “very” important for Congress to pass this legislation—making it a higher priority than a new health care bill (58%) and tax reform legislation (52%);
  • When given a choice between “deporting as many illegal immigrants as possible” or “setting up a system for illegal immigrants to become legal residents,” 83% choose legal residency.  This is a record-high percentage; and
  • Democrats (66%), Republicans (60%) and independents (59%) all agree it is important Congress work on Dreamer legislation. Majorities on all three fronts also support granting work permits and U.S. citizenship to Dreamers.
“Republicans in Congress claim that Dreamer legislation must include a decades-long path to citizenship and be coupled with extraneous enforcement measures,” said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund.*  “That’s not what the American people want.  Their sentiments are clear in poll after poll: pass legislation with a reasonable path to citizenship for America’s Dreamers, full stop.  Stop messing around and get it done.”
*Find the complete FOX News piece breaking down the findings hereFrank Sharry and America’s Voice Education Fund on Twitter: @FrankSharry and @AmericasVoice
America’s Voice Education Fund – Harnessing the power of American voices and American values to win common sense immigration reform
Melanie Nathan

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