NPS Grants Permit for Crissy Field Permit for Friday Night Anti-Hate Light Vigil


Anti-Hate Digital Light Vigil Friday Night at Crissy Field

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.54.25 PMAs members of Gays Without Borders we are announcing that the National Park Service (NPS) has granted us a permit for an electronic-only “candlelight” vigil on Friday, August 25, at 7 pm, and speak out at Crissy Field.

The Golden Gate National Recreational Area managers explained their decision in an email:

“We can issue your permit for the East Beach portion of Crissy Field, west of the restrooms, with easy access to parking, and if the fog cooperates, a view of the airfield and the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We cannot allow open flames near the highly flammable eucalyptus trees however, so real candles won’t be allowed, but battery operated candles, flashlights, cell phone flashlights, cell phone apps that look like candles, glow sticks, anything that lights up but isn’t fire is ok.”

Our grassroots community gathering is designed to preemptively use this public land the night before a hate rally at the same location, show solidarity with all who oppose the Trump agenda, and use our digital devices as sources of love and light.

Please join us on Friday, leave the candles at home but bring your cells and tablets and cameras and any electronic light.

Gays Without Borders is an organization committed to protecting the human rights of LGBTQI folks everywhere.

Please contact me if you have any questions:


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