When it Comes to LGBT Refugees here is Food for Thought

The work for African Human Rights Coalition has been extensive these past few months – here is a brief report:


1) After weeks of preparation, we  have established a new fund appeal starting today: We have been working for some time to establish a plan to support  200 LGBTI refugees in Kakuma Camp. They need a second meal each day.  We also seek help for three refugees including a small child in Malawi. We have calculated that $11.66 per month,  will provide one refugee with this second meal each day.  We anticipate more arrivals and hope for some resettlements abroad –  so the amount needed will fluctuate. This is what a day of food looks like for refugees at Kakuma. The rationed food deliver tends to result in an average of one meal a day and often expires: The Fundraiser can be found HERE.

Please consider making a donation.

2) Provided direct advocacy to UNHCR and other agencies on behalf of several LGBTI refugees – who have now been scheduled for travel to be resettled in their new countries abroad.

3) Three refugees who we provided advocacy for have arrived in their new countries.

4) Provided interviews and/or consultation to journalists, academics, students, documentary filmmakers, and politicians.
Example:  http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/court-decision-allows-lgbtq-refugees-continue-entering-u-s-n719616

Example: https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2017/06/08/2017-hearst-national-championships-winners-announced/

5) Together with a co-sponsor we submitted  an Amicus Brief to fight the Trump appeal in the Muslim travel ban and US refugee program suspension. Refugees won all appeals on both failed executive Orders,  to date. Apparently Trump thinks he will win at SCOTUS.

6) Provided case management services, mentoring, guidance, to 15 LGBTI refugees.

7) Provided humanitarian funds to LGBTI individuals.

8) Drafted a  country conditions report for Nigerian appealing a deportation / removal proceeding from the U.S.A.

9) Continued to develop and nurture coalition partnerships

10) Provided an asylum report in an Asylum Appeal to South African government.

11) Followed several LGBTI refugee stories and written related advocacy articles:
Example:  https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2017/05/11/18-lgbt-refugees-detained-and-beaten-by-kenyan-police/   

Example: https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2017/06/01/is-trump-purposely-defying-travel-and-refugee-court-orders/ 

Example: https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2017/06/06/courts-smacks-scott-lively-across-his-immoral-face-while-dismissing-smug-case-on-jurisdictional-grounds/

Example: https://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2017/05/25/after-4th-circuit-appeal-loss-by-trump-america-must-hold-him-and-republicans-accountable/

New Fundraiser needs your help:

LGBTI refugees need your urgent help – with the smallest donation going a long way – food – safe shelter – transport and medicine!

My name is Melanie Nathan, I am the Executive Director of The African Human Rights Coalition. We are a direct services organization, providing advocacy and humanitarian assistance, all volunteers, with no funding for operations or admin, with extraordinary results.

LGBT refugees in Africa have escaped horrendous persecution.

Some are in hiding, and others in refugee camps such as in Kenya and Malawi.  Refugees can go for days without proper nourishment. Many are feeling hopeless and are in crisis.

We need your urgent help…

The need for the people we support is desperate at this time. Since Trump took office, the already extreme vetting process for resettling refugees, which can take several years, has slowed down and the work is not being done expeditiously.  This is resulting in failed support and shortages for refugees – we need donations to provide safe shelter and nourishing food.

Those who are HIV+ and surviving on one maize meal per day, are at grave risk. The longer the process is taking, the more damaging.

Our goal is to raise $2,500 per month for the next six months to feed 200 LGBTI refugees with a second meal each day.

Please take a look at the picture gallery and the links below for more information.  The pictures depict the poor conditions in the camps and a food plate shared by two to three refugees in a day.


PRESS RELEASE AT AFRICAN HRC:   http://www.africanhrc.org/single-post/2017/06/15/African-HRC-Launches-HAPPY-PRIDE-Refugee-Fundraiser

3 thoughts on “When it Comes to LGBT Refugees here is Food for Thought

  1. Am a Gay from Uganda, am now a refugee in Kakuma Camp in Kenya, life here is not simple, the ration food we get from unhcr is very low and am really staving here, I have been here in the camp since February 2016.I need your support in terms of finance and advocacy for resettlement as here am being harrased and discriminated by my fellow refugess simply because am a Gay.

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