The Alleged Ball Game Shooter Identified – Angry Days Courtesy Trump

At least five people were injured when a gunman opened fire Wednesday morning on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, where Republican members of Congress and their staffers. Lack of gun control and political vitriol is a lethal mix! Oh – and then add the specifics of Trump and the hate that begets hate – and this  country becomes a tinder box, with a great irony that America was once great until Trump came along with his attacks on Democrats.

NBC identified James Hodgkinson from Illinois seems this is the man alleged to be the Congress baseball shooter.  
 Is this the start of a Democrat versus Republican civil war ?  Triggered by Trump’s failed presidency and hateful agenda? Or is this an or an opportunity to unify – and if the latter Trump MUST be curbed in his supremacist discriminatory hateful agenda!

Judging from this Facebook page this could be politically inspired- by American politics. Home made American terror.

A man identified as Hodgkinson has a Facebook page indicates that he is very angry at Trump and Republicans:

Though in my opinion there is no justification – for this violence – I am not surprised!  A lethal mix of zero gun control and anger … triggered by hateful rhetoric and an attack on our Constitution by a lying, uncouth incompetent moron for a president.

From Hodgkinson’s Facebook page:   ” for the Studied at SIU Edwardsville Went to BTHS WestLives in Belleville, Illinois, From Belleville, Illinois.” and his newish post:

Posted June 12:  I want to say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are truly the Biggest Ass hole we ever had in the Oval Office.

If this is the shooter it shows Trump was wrong about “Muslim terrorists” being the immediate threat – but rather angry white men who HE has triggered with his defecation on our own democracy – with a little pouring of zero of gun control added to the mix!

This cannot be allowed to continue: When Trump starts treating people and the presidency with respect – maybe America will be restored to the era of pre-Trump truth and pre-Trump rhetoric.  This post is not intended to be divisive – and my hope is this country can unify over this. However the truth MUST be spoken. Until this #45 is impeached or dramatically changes his ways, there is NO HOPE for anything,  but more of this!

Let me be clear – I condemn this violence and I condemn the hateful rhetoric that preceded it!

UPDATED 10.06 Am PST: The shooter is deceased and identification confirmed.  My thoughts go to Rep. Scalise and the Republicans and all who were injured in this insidious attack.

Screenshots from shooter’s FB page –  posted with original post

2 thoughts on “The Alleged Ball Game Shooter Identified – Angry Days Courtesy Trump

  1. Melanie,

    The blood’s not dry on the floor and you’re using this for political gain?

    As someone who believes in “Gays With Guns,” I suppose I could do the same thing and argue that more law abiding citizens would have stopped this. I thank the Capitol Police that they were there, though.

    As to a “hateful agenda,” we’ve seen months of blatant violence by the Far Left – not your average FDR Democrat like my mother – but the U. of Cal. at Berkley crowd that is willing to burn down buildings and violently attack anyone who disagrees with them because “the ends justify the meanness.”

    We’ve now seen Trump t-shirts edited out of year books and young high school graduates denied the right to attend graduation in their military uniforms – as is permitted under California law. One of your San Francisco high school teachers openly posts a civics course syllabus that is absolutely political and anti-Trump. After each Orwellian attempt at censorship, we hear “apologies,” yet nothing seems to be changing.

    A hate-filled agenda? No: Americans have the right to demand the enforcement of our laws, including our border control and immigration laws. We have legitimate reason to be concerned with Muslim Supremacists – take a look at what just happened in “tolerant” Indonesia with the Christian Governor who was driven from office because a majority of Muslims believed it was a “sin” to permit a non-Muslim to have authority over Muslims.

    But, hey: if we no longer have to enforce our laws and we can pick and choose them, I would be DELIGHTED to establish Georgia as a “Sanctuary State” – for anyone who refuses to pay their federal taxes.

    I mean, really, those people are just trying to earn a living and they’re not harming anyone and are peaceful and non-violent – we just won’t be paying our taxes, that’s all. Why should the police bug us, or try to arrest us?

    If YOU won’t demand enforcement of our laws, I CAN live with that – so long as I get that right, too.

    The Far Left usually justifies its violence, its dishonesty and its pandering to commercial interests by saying “THEY – conservatives – do it, TOO!” No, Melanie, “WE” do not.

    – Jim Wherry

    1. Nothing you is relevant given the following stunning and undeniable FACTS – when a president takes an oath and then shits on the Constitution that is hate.
      When a President discriminates against a religion as held by very many courts including conservative judges – that is hate
      When a President declares war against the free press in an attempt to shut them down that is hate
      When a President attempts to deny 23 million Americans their health insurance that is hate
      When a President refuses gun control with zero threat to 2nd amendment – and 30,000 Americans dies annually as a result – that is hate
      When a President sucks the cocks of the Saudis for $$ and arms while denying other Muslim country residents their visas – under a false premise – entry into USA -lest we forget 9/11 was courtesy Sadi $$- that is hate
      When a President unhinges the climate control work of former president without any viable improvement plan – that is hate
      When a President reneges on refugee agreements causing LGBT refugees hardships that are life or death-
      Oh I could go on – to speak about the campaign courting of the KKK and the racists and bigots in Cabinet’ and the smelly swamp that never got drained
      And the rise in homophobic attacks and the anti semitic and anti Muslim attacks by the right
      And the anti gay rhetoric and the attacks on Trans people and the threat to take away our measure of LGBT equality and same sex marriage
      And the anti immigrant hate and and and and – And the dead service men because of his incompetence
      DONT tell me I am politicizing “before the blood is dry” when Trump has politicized by playing LIFE AND DEATH with OUR lives and the GOP has sucked his dick in joyful participation – – much more blood on his hands than a mere puddle on a ball field…as bad as THAT is!

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