LGBTQI Documentary to Premiere at Soho International Film Festival.

On its road to acclaim, the new LGBTQI documentary, Between the Shades, has been given a weekend block to premier at The Soho International Film Festival.

The film, premiering at the New York venue on June 17th, examines the immense power of labels and the transcendence of love, while putting faces to the letters that make up LGBTQI and conveying through its portrayal of diverse LGBTQI the evolution and expansion of the letters over time.

This extraordinary documentary features many voices, among them: Beth Malone (on Broadway’s Fun Home), actress Kathy Najimy and Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias.

The film’s director, Jill Salvino notes:

“No film can ever capture the immense diversity of the LGBTQI community, but it didn’t stop us from trying.”

Salvino’s exuberance and deep passion for her subject is palpable as she excitedly told me:

“I am thrilled to premiere at the Soho International Film Festival in the largest festival theatre and with a weekend slot. I am delighted and humbled by the support we have received – notably the festival director who conveyed that she is a big supporter of the film, the LGBTQI community as well as female directors.  I gladly accept all those labels!”

The premiere will be at the beautiful historic theatre Village East Main Theatre which holds 350 seats.

I encourage all LGBTQI family and friends to explore the website and social media postings as well as to support this great film and a good start will be the New York Premier Soho International Film festival:

@betweentheshades   #BetweenTheShades

TICKETS:  June 17th, 2017,  4:20 Village East Main Theatre 350 Seats:
$16.00  –






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