Push for California to pass State Funded Travel Ban to North Carolina

 Call to Action Ask California State representatives to Pass North Carolina Travel Ban

Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights have asked the state of California to stand up to these attacks. Assembly Bill 1887, authored by Asm. Evan Low, (D-Campbell), is pending before the California Assembly. It would ban state-funded travel by California state employees to North Carolina and any other state that passes new laws that discriminate against LGBT people or revoke anti-discrimination protections already in place.


Click here to urge your lawmaker to support AB 1887!

California needs to add its powerful voice to those of the state of New York and the cities of Seattle and San Francisco in the growing chorus against discriminatory laws in North Carolina and elsewhere.

Click here to sign EQCA petition urging committee members to pass AB 1887 and add California’s voice to calls for North Carolina to repeal its hateful law.
It’s time for California to take a stand against these vicious laws.

Friends, I signed I hope you do too. Also contact your reps and tell them how you feel

Click here to sign this petition now to urge members of the Judiciary Committee and your legislator to support AB 1887.


Melanie Nathan, commissionermnathan@gmail.com

@EQCA #BANtravelNC  #BoycottNC  #WeAreAllNC

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