Sarah Palin a victim or a quitter or exposed….

 Sarah Palin avoids exposure and there is more to come, you betcha!    In her hollier than thou quit, Sarah Palin steps down trying to avoid further  sensational e-mail exposures.  WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS FOOLING – NOT this BLOGGER!   Imagine she is willing to risk her political career (because she failed to see her committment as Governor through) – clear indication of a red-herring tactic. What she is hiding must be bad!

  “Here comes the tape KTUU – ” Thats not what is best for lack – the unconventional – not seeking reelection – quiting – to Lt. General.  Oh Alsaka alsaka alaska – millions of your dollars go down the drain because of me in this political enviromnment…. and so we will for Alaskans .  Basketball – picking away a good point guard… she knows when to pass the ball so the team can win and so that is what I am doing passing the ball for victory.  blah     The point guard….. Trying to bring it down… analogy to basketball -tra la la doo golly gosh

Yes Sarah are you victim   or a quitter  or   exposed? -”                  

Sarah Palin Playing Ball?
Sarah Palin Playing Ball?

  – SARAH is waiting to be exposed and she is pre empting this !  Something is yet to come…. Why is media puzzled its so clear – the recent exposure would get worse but for this mammoth deflection…

DO you think this has anything to do with the recent revelation of the emails where she is trying to deny her husband’s membership and attachment to sessation of Alaska?   My take is there is a lot more that can be exposed and she is running scared. Now she believes she can affect change more so outside of government? Yes maybe she does because outside of government may denote less scrutiny to truth. The woman is a liar – it is apparant from these emails and now she is diverting her attention from these lies by blaming the media for a script she has written and not lived – that is her downfall!   Resign rather than fall.   Good move Ms. Palin/ ….

BOTTOM LINE this woman is still incoherent.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin a victim or a quitter or exposed….

  1. She is not a liar. Try putting the media to the truth test. Ask MSNBC about M. Eisenstadt, ask CNN about Drew Griffin, ask them about the supposed Wasilla rape kit scandal, the list goes on an on.

    You sit there in the anonymous blogosphere making ridiculous claims. What;s to stop anyone from saying you are a liar by propogating falsehoods?

    1. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your visit to my blog. I am not anonymous – I have always been open about my identity. I stand by what I say. Her lies are evident by the email exposure as of recent relating to how she tried to manipulate McCAin campaign staff in trying to re write history on her hubby’s anti- american persuasions. My name is Melanie Nathan from Bay Area, California. my email is Hope you visit again.

  2. Good insight. I have no doubt something is coming in the future. I just can’t see her stepping down. She envies the title “Governor” too much.

  3. Sarah Palin about to be exposed you betcha? Otherwise why would she quit? Typical red-herring manoevre. I believe someone has more e-mails to share exposing her – yup I feel it in my bones. If you can read between the incohernt lines, she is preempting her political demise. Quit is her version of controlling the outcome. your blogger

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