Opinion: Palin Committs Political Suicide

trying to escape the heat… in alaska …  

sarah palin fishyUNLESS you too are fooled by – her incoherent bombshell speech -Palin alluded to her previous battle cry, “I said I was a Maverick!”   I canot resist my own \interpretation – ……..(in the first person) …   
I am going to save Alaska from me being a lame duck Governor, so I will quit… I do not want to have to defend all the crapo they are finding out about me as it will avert the agenda – I love Alaska and so I am going to put Alaska first and not myself – oh and by the way all that ethics nonsense and stuff thats just what it is – pure bullcrap – but now that I am ditching with a year left of my term I will no longer have to answer to that.  Oh ya what about that stuff about my hubby and sessation you betcha those e-mails from me were not from me…..   So I am going to hide until all of the crap goes away and then abra cadabra I will be back and everything will be back to normal and you will rent me as your next President.

There is a new comment on the post “BREAKING:  Sarah Palin to resign as Alaska Governor”.

Author: reggie  Comment:
I happened to have Mudflats loaded before it crashed and it  contends that the cost of investigations was not in the millions.  <em><abbr>Today, we learn that “millions of dollars” is in fact, actually $296,000, as far as ethics complaints go. 

The complete breakdown is not yet available, but we do know this about the three spendiest ones:

$187,797 stemmed from the Troopergate investigation, a good chunk of which Palin initiated herself. We’ll get back to that.

$43,028 stemmed from a complaint by Andree McLeod which resulted in a recommendation that a state employee undergo ethics training for a series of “troubling emails.”

$29,962 most likely came from the “travel gate” investigation </em> &lt;/<abbr>&gt;

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