I am a real person and so are my kids

Hannah and RefaelI listened to  Rachel Madow’s replays of Obama’s LGBT message yesterday.  While sad and disappointed I am hopeful. I once heard someone say, “half measures avail us of nothing..” or something like that.  That is how I feel about this token change by giving limited Federal benefits to LGBT.   

As I continue to receive letters from the Democratic party and my Senators and Move On Org, et al, asking for donations and my support of a myriad of issues, I have decided that no one , and no issues  (except LGBT) will get any support from me until I am treated with dignity by being given equality under the law of  my Country.    I am asking for nothing more, nor anything special, only equality in every respect for me, my spouse and my children. 

The fact that there are laws that EXCLUDE  a group is apartheid.   It occurs in the USA through DOMA, the Defense of marriage Act,  DADT, don’t ask dont tell; and PROP 8.   At no time should a legislature take away inherent  rights, and at the very least fail in some way to compensate, by special legislation in return.   This ought to be a priority and until it is,  I ask you all not to send me any letters or requests for support about anything except about MY RIGHTS and the validation of my wife and our beautiful children.

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