I do not work for the Federal government and

I do not work for the Federal government and neither do millions of lesbian and gay citizens! I do not understand why such a big deal is being made of Obama granting benefits to same sex couples who work for the federal government.  After all he is their employer. There are many employers who give same sex benefits through this Country.  So that is the least he can do.

This token offering is just that; it serves only to highlight what he has NOT done for all the LGBT community and a feeble attempt to avert our attention from the basic rights we deserve and are not pertaining to every level of our de facto existence.

President Obama promised to ditch DOMA; he mentioned civil unions; and what about DADT; Immigration? Short of attention and reform on these issues, I remain unimpressed, neglected and disappointed.

Having a democratic President essentially ignore the fact the we too are people with children and we are being discriminated against through legislation… is just unbelievable to me.  Look President Obama this is me Melanie and my baby girl!Refael and mama at the SF zoo

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