UAFA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Melanie reporting from D.C. for UAFA Hearings, June 03, 2009.

The place is a-buzz as the new Judicial nominee, the soon to be Justice (G-d willing) Sonia Sotomayor does the rounds; senators, press, passers by, it is a sweet time, indeed.

President Barack Obama made history when he nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge from the Bronx, to the Supreme Court.   If confirmed, Sotomayor, 54, would be the first Hispanic to serve on the high court.  Hispanic advocacy groups and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which had promoted Sotomayor’s candidacy, applaud Obama’s choice.  I too am excited.

Today I  enjoyed lunch with Shirley Tan, Jay, the twins, Martha and Lin McDevitt-Pugh (Love Exiles founders, from the Netherlands), Becky Bransky, Legislative Director of Lesbian and Gay Task Force and Julie Kruse, Policy Director Immigration Equality. The Brown Bag was a perfect choice for our informal gathering.  It was a well deserved lunch after an emotional meet-up with the witnesses who are testifying in tomorrows Senate Judiciary hearing.  The LGBT Immigration cause has a stupendous team. The choice of witnesses is an exciting compliment.

For historical context , almost upstaged by Sonia Sotomayor, we will command the very room she will be testifying in , while she walks the halls of the Dirksen Senate Building introducing herself to all the Senators.  I am hoping we bumpp into her and lure some of her press into our hearing.   More to report later tonight. Gotta go watch my nephew pitch outside. Melanie Nathan.

We are ready for the hearing tomorrow at 10 am, after which time we will hold press conferences. Later that day I am taking Shirley And family to meet Senator Feinstein’s staffers who worked so hard on Private Bill #867 – we are going there to thank them for what they all did.

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