Dear President Obama,

Thank you for standing up to your campaign promise. Your proclamation today was a gratifying first step.  See PDF-

Now it is time to get work and you have a few million of us ready to help.   I have not personally asked for a great deal, but I do have a situation that requires immediate attention.  There is a friend of our community who was detained by ICE during a sweep some months ago. Her hope is fading as she awaits an asylum and withdrawal of deportation set for June 18th.  She has a same gender partner and they have been in a committed relationship for the past 11 years. The American partner cannot leave the USA – her father has little time left and her mother suffers from Dementia; she must now say goodbye to her soul mate, best friend and love of her life? 

Mr. President having read your proclamation today, on the eve of the UAFA hearings, I am urging you to save this young woman from this unconscionable fate. Please sign a Proclamation ending detention and deportation proceedings for Bi-National  couples, especially for those who have an abundance of evidence to support the validity of their relationships.

Please; no more time – I have a client who recently committed suicide while his “husband” was in ICE detention. He was an MD, it was such a waste but he could not stand the pain.

Thank you for your compassionate consideration.

Melanie Nathan

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