Miss California shows her values….. and karma rears her ever-rearing head….

42-16998072    I knew that Ms. California Carie Perjean would have her day; it just came a lot quicker than I anticipated.  I do not know if I have this telepathic connection to the” KARMA goddess” or if its simply ‘par for the course,’ but the ‘holier than thou’ antics have indeed ‘ come a croper.’  I challenge anyone out there Carrie,  Miss Californiato accomplish as many cliches as I just did in one sentence!  But this accomplishment on my part warrants extrordinary expression of point.   dalai-lama

I watched Perez Hilton on Larry King Live. He debated the woman from Nation for Marriage; he did a decent job, but of course she was much more aggressive.  Instead of harping on the “facts are the facts”

I wish Mr. Perez would have expressed his disdain at the organization itself  for its lack of values by supporting  and contuing the spokespersonship of someone capable of duping the Pageant organizers;  MISS CA failed to disclose important information. 

I bet there are other instances of her dishonesty and hypocricy. Lke I said in my earlier post where I predicted this, I bet there is more to come!    Then when she accused him of vulgarity on his site – Mr. Hilton you should have emphasized that you did not consider MISS CA’s pictures as vulgar, but rather your complaint was with her dishonesty, and that making the comparison to so called “vulgarity” on your site, she is in effect confessing that SHE in fact  thinks the pictures are vulgar- so HOW can she justify supporting Ms. CA as a Spokesperson – pure hypocricy. By suggesting its a ‘witch hunt”  bears no relevance on the facts and does not derogate from the fact that this woman and Miss CA  are hypocritical about her so called values.

Okay now lets make this simple; I am confused by their values.  I kinda prefer mine and I am amarried lesbian!



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