Breaking – Maine the fifth? Now its up to the Governor…..

Will Maine be number 5?    What about California – we expect to hear from the Supreme Court California on the validity of Prop 8 by no later than June 03, 2009.

Marriage is a right that demands equality
Marriage is a right that demands equality
Breaking 8.45 Pacific Coast time
Maine lawmakers OK gay marriage; governor on fence

The vote is considered the first step toward eventually allowing gay marriages to be performed in Washington. Congress, which has final say over the city’s laws, will get 30 days to review the bill assuming Democratic Mayor Adrian Fenty, a supporter, signs it.  If Congress takes no action, the bill will become law automatically. President Barack Obama and congressional leaders have not signaled where they stand.

“The march towards equality is coming to this country, and you can either be a part of it or stand in the way,” said David Catania, one of two openly gay D.C. Council members. 

Mayor Barry casts religious vote on civil issue
Mayor Barry casts religious vote on civil issue

The D.C. Council vote was 12-to-1, with former Mayor Marion Barry casting the lone opposing vote. He called it an “agonizing and difficult decision” that he made after prayer and consulting with the religious community.  He actually retracted his  yeah vote – saying he did so without knowing what he was voting for?  (GRRRRRR- did I hear right?  My Rabbi says its okay and actually married me to my wife now how can others be impacted by what his clergy believes. Sheeeeeeeeez))

THE GOOD NEWS IS : Mayor Adrian Fenty, a fellow Democrat, is expected to sign the measure.

Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa already allow gay marriage.

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