BY Melanie Nathan, April 05, 2023.

The Racist! A past President now a criminal defendant. This first in the history of the United States,. What is important is the accountability and the result is left to our system. However he is now accountable to this system that we have built in the name of our applied democracy. Our version of it. Where unfortunately that which it seeks to balance tends to govern the imbalance. Bring in Zeno and every paradox I could barely understand….


Donald Trump has been as dangerous as he is racist. Now we the PEOPLE have him in OUR control. DONALD is arrested and  charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records and this is the beginning….

Not only has the former president been a threat to our democracy since he was elected in 2016, but he has never been held accountable – up until this moment.

As noted by Black Lives matter: “And as much as we want to take a sigh of relief, this is just the beginning. Trump is being arrested for breaking campaign finance laws, from SEVEN years ago. It’s sickening that every second that Trump was in office, we lived in a country where we allowed the threat of white supremacy to lie, steal, and cheat without any consequences.”

Here is where we need to be a loud voice as THE PEOPLE –   How did this entire debacle to get to this point. It shows just how long this white bloke’s crimes have been overlooked by the government – for decades – allowing a grifter and common criminal to get into our WHITE HOUSE at all – the bigger outrage. But for racism he would not have been able to do the damage he has done.

The historic outrage ought NOT to be ‘PAST PRESIDENT NOW DEFENDANT’ – but rather WHAT THE FUCK the criminal made it into the WHITE HOUSE! He does not deserve the legacy of a President gone bad. But rather the OFFICE deserves the legacy of a pathway for a racist and criminal into the WHITE HOUSE.

As he in fact stole that ELECTION, 2016 by cheating criminally to get elected, should quash all Presidential accord and related legacy. No more secret service. No more special treatment.  There should be no library – and amends need to be made.

And then the BIG JOB AMERICA –  the price of failed systemic repair is evident and still painfully in process….

and so now


Now to the so called Justice System….


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