OUTING THE Ugandan Parliamentarians who Introduce 3 Years Jail for CHILDREN “Lured into” Homosexuality

OUTING THE PERSECUTORS OF LGBTQI+ PEOPLE – THIS PROPOSED LAW IS PERSECUTORY AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL and contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  THE BILL is based on myth and lies about sexuality and gender identity and serves to scapegoat Uganda’s Gay LGBTQI+ community to divert from the extreme corruption of so many Parliamentarians. It is a political tool in the true sense of Nazism. Hunts, Jail, Exterminate! Uganda has very serious issues such as evidenced by a 33 year dictatorship. Yet this averts the eye from all the ills plaguing the country including poverty.

The law licenses extreme violence against LGBTQI+ people and will cause mass flight.

While a global response is required it must be measured and most importantly special pathways to safety and protection must be made for Uganda’s LGBTQI+ community, including funding for safe shelter, transport, medical needs and food.

The new Anti-Homosexuality Bill currently being debated in the Ugandan Parliament seeks to criminalize children, with 3 years in prison.

One of the Parliamentarians suggested that the sentence should be stronger because children could easily be tempted to take money to be lured into the practice of homosexuality and that a mere three years would make it worth it.

This is an outrageous contradiction – how can one be sentenced for a crime when one is not old enough to consent.

98% of these Parliamentarians support this and the previous KILL THE GAYS BILL.

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UPDATED – Proposing 20-50 years in jail for so called promotion of homosexuality.


This includes broadcasters and media companies such as NETFLIX- a banning if they do not strip Uganda of the content that is considered promoting LGBTQI+







OUTING THE PERSECUTORS OF LGBTQI+ PEOPLE – THIS LAW IS PERSECUTORY AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL and contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It is based on myth and lies about sexuality and gender identity and serves to scapegoat Uganda’s Gay LGBTQI+ community to divert from the extreme corruption of so many Parliamentarians.

We are lawyers, we are doctors, we are teachers, we are nurses, we are librarians, we are dentists, architects, salespeople, artists, musicians, WE ARE CEO’s of APPLE, Officers of major corporations, and we are NOT criminals, nor immoral people. We do not recruit children. Pedophiles do. Pedophiles are straight and gay and they ought to be dealt with by the law. BUT LGBTQI+ people should not be judged as pedophile just because of their sexuality – just as heterosexual people should not all be judged pedophile.

The members of Parliament who are voting for this Bill are participating in the lies that underpin the legislation. Accordingly they are
complicit in the violence suffered by Uganda’s gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, intersex, queer, and non binary community, all which causes forced displacement as most LGBTI are forced to flee their homeland. The idea of repenting and converting to straight has been dispelled by experts. You cannot become gay if you are straight and you cannot become straights of you are gay, Sam-sex attraction is on a spectrum of sexuality and is not a disease or illness and there is evidence that we are born LGBTI.  But instead Uganda’s parliamentarians want you to believe their religion and what its extreme forms teach you.They want you to believe sexuality is a vice.

All the following Parliamentarians are human rights abusers and should be denied entry into the United States of America under our new legislation. Their children should not be allowed to come and study here as they continue to foster this horrific sentiment that hurts their own people. The hypocrisy of sending their kids to the USA to get educated and then accuse the USA of tryoing to impose its culture, when human sexuality is a human condition and has nothing to do with culture.

List of members
Name Party Constituency District
Jimbricky Norman Ochero -NRM -Labwor Abim District
Janet Grace Akech Okorimoe- NRM -Women’s Representative Abim District
James Mamawi- NRM- Adjumani East Adjumani District
Moses Ali -NRM- Adjumani West -Adjumani District
Jesca Ababiku -NRM Women’s Representative Adjumani District
Lagen David Atuka -NRM Agago Agago District
John Amos Okot- NRM Agago North Agago District


Ricky Richard Anywar- NRM Agago West Agago District
Beatrice Akor Akello- NRM Women’s Representative Agago District
Denis Hamson Obua -NRM Ajuri Alebtong District
Samuel Okwir -NRM Moroto Alebtong District
Dorcus Acen -NRM Women’s Representative Alebtong District
Okot, Moses Junior- FDC Kioga Amolatar District
James Dubai Olobo -NRM Kioga North Amolatar District


Agnes Apea Atim -NRM Women’s Representative Amolatar District
Micah Akasile Lolem -NRM Upe Amudat District
Betty Luoke Chelain -NRM Women’s Representative Amudat District
Musa Francis Ecweru- NRM Amuria Amuria District
Abubakar Jeje Odongo -NRM Orungo Amuria District
Susan Amero -INDEP Women’s Representative Amuria District
Anthony Akol -FDC Kilak North Amuru District

Gilbert Olanya -FDC Kilak South Amuru District
Lucy Akello -FDC Women’s Representative Amuru District
Patrick Ocan -UPC Apac Municipality Apac District
Maxwell Akora -UPC Maruzi Apac District
Nelson Okello -UPC Maruzi North Apac District
Suzan Achola Engola -UPC Women’s Representative Apac District
Jackson Atiima- NRM Arua Central Arua City
Geofrey Feta -NRM Ayiivu East Arua City
John Lematia- NRM Ayiivu West Arua City
Mourine Osoru- NRM City Woman MP Arua City
Yovan Adriko -NRM Vurra Arua District
Lillian Obiale Paparu -NRM Women’s Representative Arua District
Arthur Waako Mboizi -INDEP Budaka Budaka District
Robert Kasolo -NRM Iki-Iki Budaka District
Pamela Nasiyo Kamugo -NRM Women’s Representative Budaka District
W. David Wakikona- NRM Bukyigai Bududa District
Isaac Modoi -NRM Lutsheshe Bududa District
John Baptist Nambeshe- NUP Manjiya Bududa District
Agnes Nandutu -INDEP Women’s Representative Bududa District

Asuman Basalirwa- JFP Bugiri Municipality Bugiri District
Solomon Silwany- NRM Bukhooli Central Bugiri District
Stephen Mugabi Baka -NRM Bukhooli North Bugiri District
Agnes Taaka -NRM Women’s Representative Bugiri District
Abdu Katuntu -INDEP Bugweri Bugweri District
Rachael Magoola -NRM Women’s Representative Bugweri District
Francis Mwijukye -FDC Buhweju Buhweju District
Ephraim Biraaro -NRM Buhweju West Buhweju District
Olive Katwesigye Koyekyenga -NRM Women’s Representative Buhweju District
Michael Philip Lulume Bayigga -DP Buikwe South Buikwe District
Stephen Sserubula -NUP Lugazi Municipality Buikwe District
Jimmy Lwanga -NUP Njeru Municipality Buikwe District
Resty Nanteza F-DC Women’s Representative Buikwe District
John Bosco Ikojo NRM Bukedea Bukedea District
Patrick Isiagi Opolot -NRM Kachumbala Bukedea District
Anita Annet Among -NRM Women’s Representative Bukedea District
Nandagire Christine Ndiwalana -NUP Bukomansimbi North Bukomansimbi District
Godfrey Ssolo Kayemba- NUP Bukomansimbi South Bukomansimbi District
Veronica Namaganda Nanyondo- NUP Women’s Representative Bukomansimbi District

Paul Reuben Chelimo -NRM Kongasis Bukwo District
Solomon Chelangat Alinga- NRM Too Bukwo District
Evelyn Chemutai -INDEP Women’s Representative Bukwo District
Isaac Katenya- INDEP Bulambuli Bulambuli District
Ignatius Inyasio Wamakuyu Mudimi- NRM Elgon Bulambuli District
Gerald Nangoli -NRM Elgon North Bulambuli District

Irene Muloni -NRM Women’s Representative Bulambuli District
Allan Atugonza- INDEP Buliisa Buliisa District
Norah Bigirwa-Nyendwoha -NRM Women’s Representative Buliisa District
Acrobat Kiiza Moses -INDEP Bughendera Bundibugyo District
Richard Gafabusa -NRM Bwamba Bundibugyo District
Babungi Josephine Bebona -NRM Women’s Representative Bundibugyo District

Davis Kamukama -NRM Bunyangabu Bunyangabu District
Peace Regis Mutuuzo- NRM Women’s Representative Bunyangabu District
Kabuura Derrick Baimukye- NRM Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality Bushenyi District
Michael Mawanda -NRM Igara East Bushenyi District
Mbwatekamwa Gaffa -NRM Igara West Bushenyi District
Annet Katusiime Mugisha- NRM Women’s Representative Bushenyi District
Geoffrey Macho- INDEP Busia Municipality Busia District
Denis Nyangweso -INDEP Samia Bugwe Central Busia District
John Mulimba -NRM Samia Bugwe North Busia District
Godfrey Odero Were -INDEP Samia Bugwe South Busia District
Hellen Auma Wandera -NRM Women’s Representative Busia District
Yusuf Mutembuli -NRM Bunyole East Butaleja District
Geoffrey Mutiwa -NRM Bunyole West Butaleja District
Florence Andiru Nebanda- NRM Women’s Representative Butaleja District
Muwanga Kivumbi -NUP Butambala Butambala District
Asha Aisha Kabanda Nalule- NUP Women’s Representative Butambala District
Patrick Lodoi Mutono -NRM Butebo Butebo District
Agnes Ameede -INDEP Women’s Representative Butebo District
Robert Ndugwa Migadde- NRM Buvuma Buvuma District
Susan Mugabi Nakaziba -NUP Women’s Representative Buvuma District
Moses Magogo NRM Budiope East Buyende District
John Bosco Mubito -INDEP Budiope West Buyende District
Mary Annet Nakato- INDEP Women’s Representative Buyende District
Moses Goli Ogwal -NRM Dokolo North Dokolo District
Felix Okot Ogong -NRM Dokolo South Dokolo District
Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal -FDC Women’s Representative Dokolo District
Alex Ruhunda -NRM Central Division Fort Portal City
Irene Linda Mugisha -NRM City Woman MP Fort Portal City
Margaret Annet Muhanga Mugisa -NRM North Division Fort Portal City
Godfrey Ssazi -NUP Gomba East Gomba District
Robina Gureme Rwakoojo -NRM Gomba West Gomba District
Sylvia Nayebale- NRM Women’s Representative Gomba District
Betty Aol Ochan- FDC City Woman MP Gulu City
Charles Onen -INDEP Gulu East Gulu City
Mapenduzi Martin Ojara- INDEP Gulu West Gulu City
Ronald Reagan Okumu- FDC Aswa Gulu District
Sharon Balmoi Laker -NRM Women’s Representative Gulu District
Asinansi Nyakato -FDC City Woman MP Hoima City
Patrick Mwesigwa Isingoma -INDEP Hoima East Division Hoima City
Joseph Ruyonga- NRM Hoima West Division Hoima City
Pius Wakabi- NRM Bugahya Hoima District
David Karubanga -NRM Kigorobya Hoima District
Harriet Businge -NRM Women’s Representative Hoima District
Bishanga Tarsis Rwaburindore -NRM Ibanda Municipality Ibanda District
Xavier Kyooma- NRM Ibanda North Ibanda District
Paul Ninkusiima- NRM Ibanda South Ibanda District
Jane Kabajungu Bainomugisha- NRM Women’s Representative Ibanda District
Peter Mugema- INDEP Iganga Municipality Iganga District
Fredrick Kyakulaga Bwino -NRM Kigulu North Iganga District
Milton Kalulu Muwuma NRM Kigulu South Iganga District
Sauda Kauma NRM Women’s Representative Iganga District
Stephen Rwakanuuma Kangwagye INDEP Bukanga Isingiro District
Nathan Byanyima –NRM Bukanga North Isingiro District
Bright Kanyontore Rwamirama NRM Isingiro North Isingiro District
Alex Bakunda Byarugaba NRM Isingiro South Isingiro District
Anthony Tumwesigye NRM Isingiro West Isingiro District
Clare Mugumya NRM Women’s Representative Isingiro District
Manjeri Kyebakutika NUP City Woman MP Jinja City[1][2]
David Aga Isabirye FDC Jinja North Division Jinja City
Nathan Igeme Nabeta NRM Jinja South East Division Jinja City
Timothy Batuwa Lusala FDC Jinja South West Division Jinja City
James Michael Jimmy Obote Akena UPC Lira City East Jinja City
Vincent Shedrick Eyit Obong Lira City West Jinja City
David Livingstone Zijjan INDEP Butembe Jinja District
Alex Brandon Kintu NRM Kagoma North Jinja District
Muwanika Walyomu Moses INDEP Kagoma South Jinja District
Tibyaze Peace INDEP Women’s Representative Jinja District
Emmanuel Komol INDEP Dodoth East Kaabong District
Joseph Miid Achuka Komol NRM Dodoth North Kaabong District
Hillary Lokwang NRM Ik Kaabong District
Christine Tubo Nakwang NRM Women’s Representative Kaabong District
Nicholas Kamara FDC Kabale Municipality Kabale District
Wilfred Niwagaba INDEP Ndorwa East Kabale District
David Bahati NRM Ndorwa West Kabale District
Ndamira Catherine Atwakire NRM Women’s Representative Kabale District
Stephen Kagwera Kasaija NRM Burahya Kabarole District
Victoria Rusoke Businge NRM Women’s Representative Kabarole District
Alfred Elau Edakasi NRM Kaberamaido Kaberamaido District
Julius Peter Emigu FDC Ochero Kaberamaido District
Jane Awich NRM Women’s Representative Kaberamaido District
Eric Acali Musana INDEP Buyaga East Kagadi District
Barnabas Tinkasimire NRM Buyaga West Kagadi District
Janepher Mbabazi Kyomuhendo NRM Women’s Representative Kagadi District
Aisa Black Agaba NRM Bugangaizi East Kakumiro District
Josephat Tumwesigye NRM Bugangaizi South Kakumiro District
Fred Byamukama NRM Bugangaizi West Kakumiro District
Robinah Nabbanja (Prime Minister) NRM Women’s Representative Kakumiro District
Clement Peter Ongalo NRM Kalaki Kalaki District
Jennifer Ayoo NRM Women’s Representative Kalaki District
Fred Badda NRM Bujumba Kalangala District
Mose Kabuusu FDC Kyamuswa Kalangala District
Helen Nakimuli NUP Women’s Representative Kalangala District
Dan Namwanza Badebye INDEP Bulamogi Kaliro District
Fredrick Ngobi Gume NRM Bulamogi North West Kaliro District
Brenda Namukuta NRM Women’s Representative Kaliro District
Francis Katongole Katabaazi NUP Kalungu East Kalungu District
Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu NUP Kalungu West Kalungu District
Aisha Ssekindi NRM Women’s Representative Kalungu District
Muhammed Nsereko INDEP Kampala Central Division Kampala District
Muhammad Ssegirinya NUP Kawempe North Kampala District
Bashir Kazibwe NUP Kawempe South Kampala District
Abubakar Kawalya NUP Lubaga North Kampala District
Aloysius Mukasa NUP Lubaga South Kampala District
Derrick Nyeko NUP Makindye East Kampala District
Alan Ssewanyana NUP Makindye West Kampala District
Ronald Nsubuga Balimwezo NUP Nakawa East Kampala District
Joel Ssenyonyi NUP Nakawa West Kampala District
Shamim Malende NUP Women’s Representative Kampala District
George Mulindwa INDEP Bugabula North Kamuli District
Henry Maurice Kibalya NRM Bugabula South Kamuli District
Muzaale Martin Kisule Mugabi NRM Buzaaya Kamuli District
Kayanga Baroda Watongola Kamuli Municipality Kamuli District
Rebecca Kadaga NRM Women’s Representative Kamuli District
Abigaba Cuthbert Mirembe NRM Kibale Kamwenge District
Frank Tumwebaze NRM Kibale East Kamwenge District
Sylvia Bahereira INDEP Women’s Representative Kamwenge District
James Niringyimana Kaberuka NRM Kinkinzi West Kanungu District
Chris Baryomunsi NRM Kinkizi East Kanungu District
Patience Nkunda Kinshaba NRM Women’s Representative Kanungu District
Sam Mangusho Cheptoris NRM Kapchorwa Municipality Kapchorwa District
Fadil Twalla NRM Tingei Kapchorwa District
Phyllis Chemutai NRM Women’s Representative Kapchorwa District
Anthony Esenu NRM Kapelebyong Kapelebyong District
Jacinta Atuto NRM Women’s Representative Kapelebyong District
Ben Batom Koryang NRM Dodoth West Karenga District
Phillips Lokwang NRM Napore West Karenga District
Rose Lilly Akello NRM Women’s Representative Karenga District
Harold Tonny Muhindo FDC Bukonzo East Kasese District
Godfrey Katusabe FDC Bukonzo West Kasese District
Sowedi Kitanywa NRM Busongora North Kasese District
Gideon Mujungu Thembo NRM Busongora South Kasese District
Kambale Ferigo NRM Kasese Municipality Kasese District
Florence Kabugho FDC Women’s Representative Kasese District
Michael Kyabikola Bukenya NRM Bukuya Kassanda District
Frank Kabuye NUP Kassanda North Kassanda District
Patrick Nsamba NUP Kassanda South Kassanda District
Flavia Nabagabe Kalule NUP Women’s Representative Kassanda District
Peter Ogwang NRM Ngariam Katakwi District
Joseph Andrew Koluo INDEP Toroma Katakwi District
Bosco Okiror NRM Usuk Katakwi District
Jessica Rose Epel Alupo INDEP Women’s Representative Katakwi District
Charles Tebandeke NUP Bbaale Kayunga District
Amos Lugoloobi NRM Ntenjeru North Kayunga District
Patrick Kayongo Nsanja INDEP Ntenjeru South Kayunga District
Aidah Nantaba Women’s Representative Kayunga District
Dan Kimosho Atwijukire NRM Kazo Kazo District
Jenifer Abaho Muheesi NRM Women’s Representative Kazo District
Matia Kasaija NRM Buyanja Kibaale District
Emily Kugonza NRM Buyanja East Kibaale District
Noeline Kisembo Basemera NRM Women’s Representative Kibaale District
Kiwanuka Keefa NRM Kiboga East Kiboga District
Abdul Mutumba NRM Kiboga West Kiboga District
Christine Nakimwero Kaaya NUP Women’s Representative Kiboga District
Mauku Stephen Mugole NRM Kabweri Kibuku District
Herbert Tom Kinobere NRM Kibuku Kibuku District
Jenifah Kacha Namuyangu NRM Women’s Representative Kibuku District
Francis Twinomujuni NRM Buhaguzi Kikuube District
Stephen Aseera INDEP Buhaguzi East Kikuube District
Flora Natumanya NRM Women’s Representative Kikuube District
Tayebwa Herbert NRM Kashongi Kiruhura District
Wilson Kajwengye NRM Nyabushozi Kiruhura District
Jovanice Twinobusingye NRM Women’s Representative Kiruhura District
Linos Ngompek NRM Kibanda North Kiryandongo District
Karubanga Jacob NRM Kibanda South Kiryandongo District
Hellen Kahunde NRM Women’s Representative Kiryandongo District
James Nsaba Buturo NRM Bufumbira East Kisoro District
John Nizeyimana Kamara NRM Bufumbira North Kisoro District
Alex Niyonsaba Seruganda NRM Bufumbira South Kisoro District
Eddie Wagahungu Kwizera NRM Bukimbiri Kisoro District
Paul Buchana Kwizera NRM Kisoro Municipality Kisoro District
Sarah Mateke Nyirabashitsi NRM Women’s Representative Kisoro District
Nulu Joseph Byamukama NRM Kitagwenda Kitagwenda District
Dorothy Nyakato NRM Women’s Representative Kitagwenda District
Margret Lamwaka Chua East Kitgum District
Okin P. P. Ojara FDC Chua West Kitgum District
Denis Amere Onekalit FDC Kitgum Municipality Kitgum District
Lilian Aber NRM Women’s Representative Kitgum District
James Boliba Baba NRM Koboko Koboko District
Charles Ayume NRM Koboko Municipality Koboko District
Musa Noah INDEP Koboko North Koboko District
Taban Sharifah Aate NRM Women’s Representative Koboko District
Samuel Acuti Opio INDEP Kole North Kole District
Peter Ocen INDEP Kole South Kole District
Judith Alyek NRM Women’s Representative Kole District
Peter Abrahams Lokii NRM Jie Kotido District
Muhammad Lomwar Ismail NRM Kotido Municipality Kotido District
Margaret Achilla Aleper NRM Women’s Representative Kotido District
Simon Peter Opolot NRM Kanyum Kumi District
Sidronius Opolot NRM Kumi Kumi District
Silas Aogon INDEP Kumi Municipality Kumi District
Christine Apolot NRM Women’s Representative Kumi District
Tonny Ayoo NRM Kwania Kwania District
Bob Okae UPC Kwania North Kwania District
Kenny Auma UPC Women’s Representative Kwania District
William Chemonges NRM Kween Kween District
Chemaswet Kisos NRM Soi Kween District
Rose Emma Cherukut NRM Women’s Representative Kween District
Patrick Nyanzi Bingi NRM Butemba Kyankwanzi District
Yoweri Sebikali NRM Ntwetwe Kyankwanzi District
Christine Bukenya Ssendawula NRM Women’s Representative Kyankwanzi District
Tom Bright NRM Kyaka Central Kyegegwa District
Paul Asaba NRM Kyaka North Kyegegwa District
Jackson Kafuuzi NRM Kyaka South Kyegegwa District
Flavia Rwabuhoro Kabahenda NRM Women’s Representative Kyegegwa District
Tom Butime NRM Mwenge Central Kyenjojo District
Muhumuza David Mwenge North Kyenjojo District
Donald Katalihwa NRM Mwenge South Kyenjojo District
Faith Philo Kunihira NRM Women’s Representative Kyenjojo District
Christopher Kalemba NRM Kakuuto Kyotera District
John Paul Mpalanyi Lukwago DP Kyotera Kyotera District
Fortunate Nantongo DP Women’s Representative Kyotera District
Akullo Aabuka NRM Lamwo Lamwo District
Hillary Onek NRM Palabek Lamwo District
Nancy Acora INDEP Women’s Representative Lamwo District
Jane Ruth Ocero Aceng NRM City Woman MP Lira City
Christine Akello NRM Erute North Lira District
Jonathan Odur UPC Erute South Lira District
Linda Agnes Auma INDEP Women’s Representative Lira District
Luke Kyobe NRM Luuka North Luuka District
Stephen Kisa NRM Luuka South Luuka District
Esther Mbulakubuza Mbayo NRM Women’s Representative Luuka District
Robert Ssekitoleko NUP Bamunanika Luwero District
Denis Sekabira NUP Katikamu North Luwero District
Hassan Kirumira NUP Katikamu South Luwero District
Brenda Nabukenya NUP Women’s Representative Luwero District
Isaac Ssejjoba NRM Bukoto Mid-West Lwengo District
Twaha Kagabo NUP Bukoto South Lwengo District
Muhammed Sentayi NRM Bukoto West Lwengo District
Cissy Dionizia Namujju NRM Women’s Representative Lwengo District
K. Enos Asiimwe NRM Kabula Lyantonde District
Pauline Kyaka Kemirembe NRM Women’s Representative Lyantonde District
Ronald Olema Afidra NRM Lower Madi Madi-Okollo District
Isaac Joackino Etuka NRM Upper Madi Madi-Okollo District
Joanne Aniku Okia NRM Women’s Representative Madi-Okollo District
Peter Christopher Werikhe NRM Bubulo West Manafwa District
Godfrey Matembu Wakooli NRM Butiru Manafwa District
Mary Goretti Kitutu NRM Women’s Representative Manafwa District
Denis Lee Oguzu FDC Maracha Maracha District
Ruth Molly Lematia NRM Maracha East Maracha District
Jennifer Driwaru NRM Women’s Representative Maracha District
Abed Bwanika NUP Kimanya-Kabonera Masaka City
Mathias Mpuuga (Leader of the Opposition) NUP Nyendo/Mukungwe Masaka City
Juliet Kakande Nakabuye NUP Women’s Representative Masaka City
Richard Ssebamala DP Bukoto Central Masaka District
Ronald Evans Kanyike NUP Bukoto East Masaka District
Joan Namutaawe INDEP Women’s Representative Masaka District
Kiiza Kenneth Nyendwoha INDEP Bujenje Masindi District
Bintu Jalia Lukumu N. Abwooli NRM Buruli Masindi District
Joab Businge FDC Masindi Municipality Masindi District
Florence Akiiki Asiimwe NRM Women’s Representative Masindi District
James Kubeketerya NRM Bunya East Mayuge District
Iddi Isabirye NRM Bunya South Mayuge District
Aggrey Henry Bagiire NRM Bunya West Mayuge District
Rukia Isanga Nakadama NRM Women’s Representative Mayuge District
Karim Masaba Industrial City Division Mbale City
Ivan Masaba NUP Northern Division Mbale City
Connie Galiwango Nakayenze INDEP Women’s Representative Mbale City
Richard Wanda NRM Bungokho Central Mbale District
Shafiga Wanyenya INDEP Bungokho North Mbale District
Robert Wandwasi NRM Bungokho South Mbale District
Miriam Mukhaye Women’s Representative Mbale District
Robert Mwesigwaa NRM Mbarara City North Mbarara City
Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama NRM Mbarara City South Mbarara City
Rita Atukwasa INDEP Women’s Representative Mbarara City
Basil Rwankwene Bataringaya NRM Kashari North Mbarara District
Nathan Itungo Twesigye INDEP Kashari South Mbarara District
Margret Rwebyambu NRM Women’s Representative Mbarara District
Kahinda Otafiire NRM Ruhinda Mitooma District
Thomas Tayebwa NRM Ruhinda North Mitooma District
Donozio Mugabe Kahonda NRM Ruhinda South Mitooma District
Juliet Bashiisha Agasha NRM Women’s Representative Mitooma District
David Kalwanga Lukyamuzi NUP Busujju Mityana District
Francis Zaake NUP Mityana Municipality Mityana District
Kaleide Sematiko NUP Mityana North Mityana District
Richard Lumu DP Mityana South Mityana District
Joyce Ntwatwa Bagala NUP Women’s Representative Mityana District
John Baptist Lokii NRM Matheniko Moroto District
Francis Lorika Adome NRM Moroto Municipality Moroto District
Albert Lokoru Kiyonga NRM Tepeth Moroto District
Stella Atyang NRM Women’s Representative Moroto District
Tom Aleru Aza NRM Moyo West Moyo District
Joyce Kabutu Moriku NRM Women’s Representative Moyo District
Hillary Kiyaga NUP Mawokota North Mpigi District
Yusuf Nsibambi FDC Mawokota South Mpigi District
Teddy Nambooze NUP Women’s Representative Mpigi District
Pascal Mbabazi NRM Buwekula Mubende District
William Ndooli Museveni INDEP Buwekula South Mubende District
David Kabanda NRM Kasambya Mubende District
Bashir Sempa Lubega NRM Mubende Municipality Mubende District
Hope Grania Nakazibwe NRM Women’s Representative Mubende District
Betty Nambooze Bakireke NUP Mukono Municipality Mukono District
Abdullah Kayondo Kiwanuka NUP Mukono North Mukono District
Fred Kayondo DP Mukono South Mukono District
Fred Ssimbwa NUP Nakifuma Mukono District
Hanifa Nabukeera NUP Women’s Representative Mukono District
Remigio Achia NRM Pian Nabilatuk District
Sylvia Vicky Awas NRM Women’s Representative Nabilatuk District
Moses Aleper NRM Chekwii Nakapiripirit District
Peter Teko Lokeris NRM Chekwii East Nakapiripirit District
Esther Davinia Anyakun NRM Women’s Representative Nakapiripirit District
Allan Mayanja NUP Nakaseke Central Nakaseke District
Enock Nyongore NRM Nakaseke North Nakaseke District
Semakula Luttamaguzi DP Nakaseke South Nakaseke District
Sarah Najjuma NRM Women’s Representative Nakaseke District
Bernard Ssekyanzi NRM Budyebo Nakasongola District
Noah Wanzala Mutebi NRM Nakasongola Nakasongola District
Victorious Zawedde INDEP Women’s Representative Nakasongola District
Peter Babu Okeyoh NRM Bukholi Islands Namayingo District
Abdu Adidwa INDEP Bukholi South Namayingo District
Wanyama Michael Odwori NRM Namayingo South Namayingo District
Margret Okunga Makoha INDEPENDENT Women’s Representative Namayingo District
John Musila INDEP Bubulo East Namisindwa District
Apollo Masika NRM Namisindwa Namisindwa District
Sarah Kayaki Netalisile NRM Women’s Representative Namisindwa District
Persis Princess Namuganza NRM Bukono Namutumba District
Paul Akamba NRM Busiki Namutumba District
Yona Kayogera NRM Busiki North Namutumba District
Mariam Naigaga NRM Women’s Representative Namutumba District
John Bosco Ngoya NRM Bokora Napak District
Peter Khen Angella Lochap NRM Bokora East Napak District
Faith Nakut NRM Women’s Representative Napak District
Hashim Sulaiman NRM Nebbi Municipality Nebbi District
Isaac Ismail Otingiu NRM Padyere Nebbi District
Agnes Acibu NRM Women’s Representative Nebbi District
Abraham Isamat NRM Kapir Ngora District
David Abala INDEP Ngora Ngora District
Stella Isodo Apolot FDC Women’s Representative Ngora District
Ibanda Gerald Rwemulikya INDEP Ntoroko Ntoroko District
Anne Mary Kobugabe Tumwine NRM Women’s Representative Ntoroko District
Kamugisha Micheal Timuzugu NRM Kajara Ntungamo District
Yoona Musinguzi NRM Ntungamo Municipality Ntungamo District
Zinkuratire Henry Nkwasibwe NRM Ruhama Ntungamo District
Benjamin Kamukama NRM Ruhama East Ntungamo District
Kabasharira Naome INDEP Rushenyi County Ntungamo District
Josyline Kamateneti NRM Women’s Representative Ntungamo District
Tonny Awany NRM Nwoya Nwoya District
Simon Oyet FDC Nwoya East Nwoya District
Judith Peace Achan NRM Women’s Representative Nwoya District
George Didi Bhoka NRM Obongi Obongi District
Zomura Manezo NRM Women’s Representative Obongi District
Ojok Andrew Oulanyah NRM Omoro Omoro District
Peter Okot DP Torchi Omoro District
Catherine Lamwaka NRM Women’s Representative Omoro District
Paul Omara INDEP Otuke Otuke District
Julius Bua Acon NRM Otuke East Otuke District
Suzan Jolly Abeja INDEP Women’s Representative Otuke District
Charles Okello Patrick Engola NRM Oyam North Oyam District
Betty Amongi Akena UPC Oyam South Oyam District
Alum Sandra Ogwang Santa UPC Women’s Representative Oyam District
Christopher Komakech INDEP Aruu Pader District
Santa Okot PPP Aruu North Pader District
Achiro Paska Menya INDEP Women’s Representative Pader District
Emmanuel Ongiertho FDC Jonam Pakwach District
Jane Pacutho Avur NRM Women’s Representative Pakwach District
Polycap Ogwari INDEP Agule Pallisa District
Derrick Orone NRM Gogonyo Pallisa District
Richard Oriebo Oseku NRM Kibale Pallisa District
Sam Otukol NRM Pallisa Pallisa District
Kevin Ojinga Kaala NRM Women’s Representative Pallisa District
Gyaviira Ssemwanga NRM Buyamba Rakai District
Boaz Kasirabo Ninsiima NRM Kooki Rakai District
Juliet Kinyamatama Suubi INDEP Women’s Representative Rakai District
Henry Aliganyira Musasiizi NRM Rubanda East Rubanda District
Moses Mwongyere Kamuntu INDEP Rubanda West Rubanda District
Prossy Akampurira NRM Women’s Representative Rubanda District
John Ntamuhira Twesigye NRM Bunyaruguru Rubirizi District
Mohammed Kato NRM Katerera Rubirizi District
Grace Batiringaya Kasende NRM Women’s Representative Rubirizi District
Ndyomugyenyi Roland INDEP Rukiga Rukiga District
Caroline Kamusiime NRM Women’s Representative Rukiga District
Naboth Namanya FDC Rubabo Rukungiri District
Jim Muhwezi Katugugu NRM Rujumbura Rukungiri District
Elisa Rutahigwa NRM Rukungiri Municipality Rukungiri District
Medius Kaharata Natukunda NRM Women’s Representative Rukungiri District
Amos Kibwika Kankunda NRM Rwampara Rwampara District
Julius Tusiime INDEP Rwampara East Rwampara District
Molly Musiime Asiimwe NRM Women’s Representative Rwampara District
Theodore Ssekikubo NRM Lwemiyaga Sembabule District
Shartsi Musherure Kuteesa INDEP Mawogola North Sembabule District
Gorreth Namugga NUP Mawogola South Sembabule District
Anifa Kawooya Bangirana NRM Mawogola West Sembabule District
Mary Begumisa NRM Women’s Representative Sembabule District
Elijah Okupa INDEP Kasilo Serere District
Fred Opolot NRM Pingire Serere District
Patrick Okabe INDEP Serere Serere District
Hellen Adoa NRM Women’s Representative Serere District
Dickson Kateshumbwa NRM Sheema Municipality Sheema District
Naume Kibaju NRM Sheema North Sheema District
Dickens Mushemeza INDEP Sheema South Sheema District
Rosemary Nyakikongoro NRM Women’s Representative Sheema District
Isaias Johny Ssasaga FDC Budadiri East Sironko District
Nathan Nandala Mafabi FDC Budadiri West Sironko District
Florence Nambozo Wamala Women’s Representative Sironko District
Joan Acom Alobo FDC City Womam MP Soroti City
Moses Okia Attan FDC East Division Soroti City
Jonathan Ebwalu INDEP Soroti West Soroti City
Cosmas Elotu NRM Dakabela Soroti District
Kenneth Esiangu INDEP Gweri Soroti District
Samuel Eninu INDEP Soroti Soroti District
Anna Ebaju Adeke FDC Women’s Representative Soroti District
Mario Kamya Obinga NRM Terego East Terego District
Joel Leku NRM Terego West Terego District
Rose Obinga NRM Women’s Representative Terego District
Annet Nyakecho INDEP Tororo County North Tororo District
Fredrick Angura NRM Tororo County South Tororo District
Yeri Ofwono Apollo NRM Tororo Municipality Tororo District
Jacob Markson Oboth NRM West Budama Central Tororo District
Maximus Ochai NRM West Budama North Tororo District
Fox Odoi Oywelowo NRM West Budama North East Tororo District
Emmanuel Otala Othiem NRM West Budama South Tororo District
Jacinta Athieno Ayo INDEP Women’s Representative Tororo District
Sseggona Medard NUP Busiro East Wakiso District
Paul Nsubuga NUP Busiro North Wakiso District
Charles Matovu NUP Busiro South Wakiso District
Michael Mbwatekamwa Kakembo NUP Entebbe Municipality Wakiso District
Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda FDC Kira Municipality Wakiso District
Muwada Nkunyingi NUP Kyadondo East Wakiso District
David Sserukenya NUP Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality Wakiso District
Musoke Nsereko Wakayima FDC Nansana Municipality Wakiso District
Betty Esther Naluyima NUP Women’s Representative Wakiso District
Siraje Brahan Ezama NRM Aringa Yumbe District
Huda Abason Oleru NRM Aringa East Yumbe District
Godfrey Onzima NRM Aringa North Yumbe District
Yorke Odria Alioni NRM Aringa South Yumbe District
Naima Melsa Gule Avako NRM Women’s Representative Yumbe District
Gabriel Okumu NRM Okoro Zombo District
Biyika Lawrence Songa NRM Ora Zombo District
Esther Afoyochan NRM Women’s Representative Zombo Distric

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