At a time like THIS! By Melanie Nathan and African Human Rights Coalition.

We are living in a time where in America we are suffering the backlash against LGBTQI+ people – a backlash from actually attaining a measure of acceptance and a measure of equality.

We only have a limited EQUALITY and we are still waiting for the Senate to pass the Equality legislation.

This was to be expected, unfortunately, especially because the Evangelical‘s continue to gain steam globally, hurting so many, and here in the USA and they influence and deny the fact that church and state MUST be separate under our constitutional framework.

That said – we call on ALL to stop withering in defensive stances and come out with PRIDE and CONFIDENCE to speak as LGBTQI+ or as an ALLY.

We are being pushed back in and pushed away just when we are so close to attaining our fully equality.

AT A TIME LIKE THIS – at a time like this we need for the sake of our young people, especially the most vulnerable.

EVERY noticeable celebrity MUST COME OUT or MUST SPEAK OUT out, to claim who you are or condemn the horrendous demonization of LGBTQI youth and related issues -in all its variables.

Come out for trans kids speak out for trans kids come out for gay kids speak out for gay kids come out for lesbians speak out for lesbians come out for queers, come out for the non binary speak out for queers and non binary come out for bisexual kids speak out for bisexual kids.

We need a massive celebrity outcry against Florida, Texas and all those states right now.

Anyone anyone anyone who is silent AT A TIME LIKE THIS – at a time like this – is complicit. Silence kills.#DaretobeYOU

AND FROM AFRICA: Calling American celebrities to show courage AT A TIME LIKE THIS – Africa Dares You to stand up against the Evangelical hate – we cannot come out where we are criminalized but at least you can come out for your own kids as your evangelicals attack THEM and US ! Do it!

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