Facebook Vulgarity Flies in Face of Happy Marriages The Purkiss Example

Did I say PURRRRRR-KISS? Well hardly a Purr here for Mr. Garry Purkiss! I often wonder about misogynistic behavior, vulgarity and the like on social media and whether that translates into similar at home and the workplace? Perhaps people would care to comment….. and yes if you are commenting on Facebook – CAVEAT EMPTOR – that comes at great risk.

Well I thought I would give Garry Purkiss the fame he craves. He goes as Richard Poeskiss* on Facebook.

Says he lives in California,  Mission Viejo, to be exact. From Durban, South Africa. Says he is married to a Nanci Robertson-Purkiss.  Apparently he has been banned forever using his real name on FB. His apparent job is as Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer at McDonalds as per Facebook but according to LinkedIN he works as the

(*Poeskiss in South African lingo – the name he chooses for FB comes with its own vulgar meaning – that for another day)

Some people just cannot seem to find their groove other than relying on being a nogschlepper -for their fame. Oh well! Here goes…

When reading the posts below I am going to ask you to consider the pain of the brain that such unwarranted vulgarity comes out of. Poor bloke! He must really be hurting. Or is he just as mean as heck. The anger is unwarranted. The answer to that will probably come from those who know him personally at home, such as his wife. Or from the workplace? Or perhaps some estranged first wife or kids or family that will not speak to him? I am guessing here of course. One just cannot imagine such vulgarity or anger to be isolated to strangers on the internet. Is this a mere outlet. This is one for the psychologists to perhaps answer.

I have screenshots of what he said, posted below.   Google, Google, google PLEASE  send him the HELP he needs. And may the Good Lord protect those close to him – because surely this kind of vulgarity is indicative of a much larger problem. The workplace? McDonalds? Thermo Fisher Scientific. In the Home – Nanci Robertson? Other Purkiss family members?

After you read his POSTS to me below give this some thought- does this match his self describing employment, skills, leadership talents and abilities per his LinkedIN account : “Excellent Leadership, product, management, business development, service development and sales and marketing skills. A successful background in teaming with OEM’s, end users and dealer/distributors. Vastly experienced in contract negotiations at all levels of corporate management. A solid technical background developed over the last twenty years in the capital equipment and process instrumentation industries, with extensive experience gained in both the domestic and International marketplaces. A team and relationship builder, who gains customer confidence through performance. An experienced sales channel developer, negotiator and sales strategist.”

Here are his Facebook posts directed at me – and all I did to set this off was comment about wondering if he was a Russian BOT and if his name was REAL given how he attacked a poster who simply took a position on the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar debacle situation.


This guy, Garry Purkiss immediately took off screaming at liberals:


Well I am not sure if this guy really works as chief operating VP at McDonalds or at Thermo, as I cannot imagine them hiring someone capable of these postings….

Though I must say from this photos, he and his wife Nanci Roberston Purkiss seem happily wed. I wonder if she knows he behaves like this towards women on Facebook or that he is bragging about how many women he has slept with, as can be seen from his posting above.

I find this quite disturbing, disgusting and vulgar. What do you all think? Hey McDonalds? Thermo Fisher Scientific? Nanci?

AND his LINKEDIN self assessment: “A team and relationship builder” bwaaa hahahaha! really ?

More from his Facebook Timeline:

So Mr Garry Purkiss seems to have more than one LINKEDIN page: How about Rosemount Analytical – hell this bloke is all over the place

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