American Refugees: Texas Governor is a Putin to Trans Kids and Families now in Forced Displacement

Imagine in the midst of transition being told your authentic gender is not acceptable to the State you live in! – You are taking life saving medication that you must immediately cease and so you are forced to leave your home. As forcibly displaced Americans – one is a refugee in one’s own country – it is costly! The toll is psychologically, emotionally, medically, and financially devastating. You lose your home, your school, your friends  and more. The cruelty is cringe worthy as one compares the outcomes and crashing worlds to those caused by monsters fueled by hate, all Putin’s of this world.

Daily Beasts’s Nico Lang tells the story of this family’s journey to being forcibly displaced by Texas Governor Abbot – making them refugees of the hateful anti-trans law now befalling Texas.

Here is the story and one of many to come:

Quinn Kovar (not their real name) didn’t think Texas would come after their family. After Gov. Greg Abbott issued a Feb. 22 directive declaring gender-affirming medical care “child abuse” and ordering the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to investigate, Kovar thought households with younger kids would be the ones targeted. Their son is in high school, and Kovar says child welfare agents would “get an earful” if they ever asked him if his family is abusing him by affirming his identity as a trans person.

“I was mainly scared for other people,” Kovar tells The Daily Beast. “I was upset and anxious, but I wasn’t scared for myself as much.”

All of that changed when Kovar was unable to pick up their son’s medication at the pharmacy last Monday. The clinic would not reauthorize the prescription, which Kovar says has “never happened before.” Reports of Texas health-care providers refusing medication for trans youth have been common in the days since Abbott’s directive, with parents sharing horror stories in private Facebook groups. One Texas parent reported that their doctor’s malpractice insurance dropped coverage for gender-affirming care as a result of the governor’s actions.

What made Kovar’s situation particularly troubling is that their son only had a few days of his medication left. Their household spent two and a half days in “absolute panic,” Kovar says, while they scrambled to figure out how to get him the care he needed. Very few pediatric endocrinologists in Texas treat trans youth, so Kovar was looking at going out of state while doing their best to reassure their son everything would be OK.

Like many families of trans kids in Texas, the Kovars are now focused on doing what it takes to get out of the state as the future remains uncertain. 

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Texas is far from alone. There are nearly 200 anti-LGBTQ bills so far tabled in state legislatures this year; as The Daily Beast reported Monday, trans teens and parents in Alabama are nervously awaiting that state to pass a health care ban, criminalizing parents, doctors and even children, in the coming days or weeks.

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