TransNational Cabaret is Here

TransNational Cabaret premiered this Monday! YAH! As a member of the Board of New Conservatory Theatre Center of San Francisco, I am asking for your support for this fabulous event. Starting at just $5 you get a treat and support the important LGBTQI theater. A silverlining to COVID 19 restrictions is that people from outside of San Francisco get to experience this extraordinary work.

 It is streaming now thru June 10th and tickets start at just $5.  The show is 40 minutes in length, so perfect for your lunch break or happy hour viewing. 

I recommend pairing with a lovely Pinot Noir,….  mmmm, but that’s just me and my beloved!


MAY 10-JUNE 10, 2021



Transcultural. Transformative. Transcendent. Artists from across the country unite to unearth the joy, power and magic of being Trans in this effervescent celebration. 

Featuring a variety of innovative performances,TransNational Cabaret highlights the vibrant kaleidoscope of the Trans experience.

Tickets are pay-what-you-wish starting at $5.

Please do join us in promoting this show in any and all the ways you can!


Original performances from:


Host Chris Steele AKA Polly Amber Ross (they/she): queer trans nonbinary performance artist, writer, and activist

Dane Figueroa Edidi (she/her):            dubbed the Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi is a Black Nigerian, Cuban, Indigenous, American Performance Artist, Author, Educator, Speech Writer, Playwright and Director 

StormMiguel Florez (he/him): trans, queer Xicane filmmaker whose work includes award-winning documentaries

Zad Gravebone (he/him): cartoonist, animator, drag performer, and voice actor

Kimiyah Prescott (she/her): first-generation American born of pastoral Guyanese parents who performs in the LGBTQ underground ballroom scene

Ezra Reaves (they/them): professional performer, comedian, singer and experimental theater artist.

Additional artist support provided by Kareem Jay (filmed & edited Kimiyah Prescott’s performance) and Ada Westfall (composer for Chris Steele AKA Polly Amber Ross’s performance).


MISSION – The mission of New Conservatory Theatre Center is to champion innovative, high-quality productions & educational theatre experiences for youth, artists, and the queer & allied communities to effect personal & societal growth, enlightenment and change.

ACTIVISM – We pledge to challenge ourselves, our audiences, and our students to advance social justice. We are an anti-racist and queer-positive institution committed to activism through the arts. We believe theatre can reveal and illuminate the multiplicity of human nature to help shape the world we want.

By Melanie Nathan

African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers

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