Emergency Funding for LGBTQI Refugees and Asylum Seekers

EMERGENCY FUNDING: LGBTQI people are criminalized in over 70 countries around the world, of which over 30 are in Africa. This has resulted in persecution, ostracization and physical attacks by governments, community, and even family and friends. Resulting in the need  to exile from one’s own country to seek safety. The stories are many and overwhelmingly as sad as unconscionable.

HERE IS THE GO FUND ME LINK: gofundme.com/f/LGBTQIemergency  

For the past ten years I have been working with refugees and asylum seekers seeking safety and humanitarian assistance, resulting in the founding of African Human Rights Coalition, (AHRC) where we provide:

·      Humanitarian assistance: safe-shelter, food, medicine
·      Advocacy: Fighting homophobia and transphobia, opening of refugee pipelines and direct case advocacy
·      Country conditions expert witness reporting for asylum seekers
·      Working to build coalitions for self-leadership and self-determination

Those working at AHRC do not receive any salaries, and we have been personally supporting this work, without any operational funding.  However due to COVID we are struggling to keep this successful volunteer organization operational and the humanitarian assistance so many have come to rely on, in place. Indeed this includes us working with global partners to to establish livelihood projects for people to become self sufficient, but COVID has hampered these efforts and getting them back on track, will take time. In the meantime the need is critical!

Since COVID-19 the need has grown exponentially and we at least $4500 per month will keep our services going.

We have been successful at the following, however the need keep increasing and our ability to self-sustain is diminishing:

Here is how we plan to use the money for immediate emergencies:

·      Nairobi LGBTQI Refugees: rentals, food, medical (approx $1000 pm)
·      Kakuma Refugees: Grants for self-shelter fortification, supplementing food rations, capacity building data  (approx $1,000 pm)
·      DRC Refugees: family of 7 requires urgent assistance with rental, schools fees, food and special diabetes related supplemental food ($250 pm)
·      Other African Country Emergency Funds: (approx $1,500 pm)
·      Country Conditions Reporting Expense Fund: (approx $750)

The above represents a drop in the bucket of the financial need and we acknowledge and thank other funders in this arena, noting that African HRC is involved in working  in  concert with other agencies, to coordinate responses and the management of funding.

HERE IS THE GO FUND ME LINK: gofundme.com/f/LGBTQIemergency  


One Testimonial of so very many:

My name is Silla. I am using a different name, because my fears have followed me across the world into America, where I sought asylum. I come from a country in Africa where I am considered a criminal because of my sexuality. I still try to see myself as a normal young person.

This is so difficult for me because I was told so many times by my father, “You are Satan” and, “I will teach you what it is to be a real woman” by the relative who raped me repeatedly for years.

I could not take it anymore, so I was willing to risk my life. I managed to get to a South American country and then journeyed all the way to the Southern Border of the United States. Many times along the way I thought I would die. 

Many months later, I declared myself at the U.S. Border. 

I was held in detention for over a year. African Human Rights Coalition helped me find the lawyer who worked for my case and Melanie Nathan testified as a Country Conditions expert witness on my behalf. 

Although still so scared, I am now free. I won my asylum. I came here without a high school education and I am now studying at school. I have found new family and I have been given life.

I am so thankful for my lawyer and the many people who helped me along the way.

I hope you can support African Human Rights Coalition so they can continue to help other LGBTQI people like me.

With thanks,

We are so grateful for all the support we have continued to receive. So many lives are impacted through your help – please help us to keep this crucial work going during this very difficult time …. The more exposure through your sharing the better – so thanks- many thanks!



Additionally you can GIVE to African HRC at our Tax Free Donation Page here: AFRICAN HRC


MANY THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR KIND SUPPORT- please email me with any questions at nathan@AfricanHRC.org:

By Melanie Nathan

African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers


DONATE: http://www.AfricanHRC.org/donate

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