America Erupts

As Biden Harris Elected, Joy and Celebration ERUPTS in Streets across America

Today Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the United Sates Presidency, running on the Democratic Party ticket. As multiple news outlets made the call, thousands of masked Americans, from big cities to small towns, took to the streets –  singing, dancing, and chanting. Hours later, they are still there! Not even a pandemic could mitigate the eruption when the 4 year daunting cloud lifted and disappeared in the first second of the pronouncement.

The win presents many historical firsts – with the most significant, Kamala Harris, VP elect – the first ever woman, and the first black woman and the first person of Afro-Indian descent. She shattered that glass ceiling, the daughter of immigrants of color.

What follows are some thoughts about the election and the win extrapolated from my social media:

So much Historical in this – Including Biden as the oldest man to win the presidency. I think that is to be celebrated and not to be scoffed at! Age and aging ought to be revered and respected and loved and we should celebrate him for this aspect of the win as much as we can. Of course there are other historical aspects to this election that top the list and that would be Harris as the first woman vice president ever, and the first woman of color ever to win the ticket. 

@BlackLivesMatter @WomensMarch @WomensMarchSF America has a lot to thank you for. Of course there are more Movements and organizations to thank – but heck you and your dedication and hard work are a special standout for hope and change!

With all the harm he is already done to our Country, we all know that Donald Trump is going to rob America of one of its greatest traditions – the concession speech- An opportunity to show the best of America, honor democracy and display personal graciousness and respect for the office of the presidency. The other night I listened to John McCain’s concession speech to Obama and it brought me to tears because it reminded me of what this country could be and the magnificence of dignity. in the absence of this Trump one – I insist you listen to McCains for what ought to be!

Kamala Harris – San Franciso California and America – we all bursting with PRIDE!

THE BIGGEST VICTORY: We can thank the black WOMEN of America for getting rid of the white supremacist racist in the White House. What a fucking awesome accomplishment.

From African Human Rights Coalition, Melanie Nathan, Marc Hanuman Cohen – and the extraordinary people who we work with around the world – we are elated to congratulate America, President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris on this momentous historic win that restores faith and hope for change and a better world, free of oppression and suffering. May you be protected in your quest to heal. We are with YOU! #Refugees #AsylumSeekers #Africa #Justice #Peace #Protection #Safety #Love #Democracy

With the Biden Harris future – One of the things I’m most excited about, especially as I am so involved in global work, is the fact that all of the embassies around the world are going to change for the better as they get rid of Trump appointed ambassadors. Cannot wait to see all of TRUMP unqualified appointed ambassadors get fired! Including the handbag saleslady appointed to South Africa as the US Ambassador!

Trump was playing golf when the news broke. He kept playing. Crowds showed up at the VA golf club – chanting: YOU ARE FIRED.” As he drove back to DC his motorcade encountered the thousands of Biden supporters celebrating at the very site where protesters were gassed on Trump orders some 2 months ago, and as he passed the Church where he had held that Bible photo-op, he must have noticed that it was now in the HANDS of the people. To him it may seem like a coup. Yet it is democracy in action.

@JHoesBiden: “America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.”

President Elect Joe Biden will speak tonight at 8.00PM PST/.

By Melanie Nathan
African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers


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