The Million Moms Focus on Hating Hallmark is in Fact Loving Lesbians

One Million Moms, the vehemently anti-LGBTQI hate group, is at it again. They want you to boycott Hallmark for featuring lesbian couples on their wedding show, Wedding Every Weekend.. Their inconsequential boycotts, aimed at erasing anything queer, lesbian, gay, bi or trans, continues to serve to enhance our legitimacy and ongoing quest for equality. Yes, they make us visible in their attempts to erase. Thank youOne Million Moms: not for the hate – but for platforming our love. Now in their attack on lesbians, what they are highlighting is that we too are a MILLION MOMS. In fact we are double you! For every one of you in a household, there are two of us! And thank you to Hallmark for the love…for recognizing all Americans and global families are equal.


Their current campaign:

Hallmark Channel is not waiting until Christmas to include LGBTQ content and characters in its original movies. Set to air Saturday, August 15, at 8:00 p.m. CST, Wedding Every Weekend will include a lesbian couple.

Hallmark Channel’s website describes Wedding Every Weekend as follows but leaves out the details about the LGBTQ content:

Nate and Brooke are going to the same four weddings, four weekends in a row. To avoid set-ups, they go together as “wedding buddies.” But what starts as a friendship soon becomes deeper. Starring Kimberly Sustad and Paul Campbell.

Although the description does not identify the couples who are getting married at each of the four weddings, the trailer makes it very clear that one of the weddings will be a lesbian wedding. The once conservative network has recently caved to LGBTQ pressure and has done a one-eighty from the wholesome content the channel once aired, and the network is now catering to the Left.

So many people feel betrayed by Hallmark over these past seven months. Hallmark Channel was one of the remaining channels that families could watch without being bombarded by politically correct commercials and the LGBTQ agenda.

One Million Moms is boycotting all things Hallmark. This includes Hallmark Channel, Hallmark wrapping paper, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, etc.

There is still time to sign our 1MM Boycott Hallmark petition. If you have already signed it, thank you! Now, please share with your family and friends.

You may remember One Million Mom’s Previous Attempts and failed Boycotts:

One Million Moms Anti Gay Tirade Against Campbell’s Soup And Foster Kids – Posted on Melanie Nathan

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.50.38 PMThe anti-gay organization, One Million Moms, is extremely busy, as of late. They have been asserting their fundamentalist extreme right wing prowess by pretending to be ‘morality’ police. When Campbell’s  Soup used a a same-sex married couple with a child in a new advertisement the One Million Mom’s jumped into bluff, fear, myth and threaten mode.   And if One Million Mom’s sounds familiar to you it is because they are the monster in the recently viral story denigrating  11 year old Amaya Scheer, the adopted daughter of a gay couple, and her family.

Their war on the LGBT community is apparent from their petty campaign against Campbell’s Soup Company, and also through their complaints against American Girl Magazine for featuring the story about Amaya, her same-sex dads, and their family of four foster adopt kids.  One Million Moms cannot truly place goodness and love at the fore when instead of applauding the family for their love and philanthropic work to help foster children, they bully with hateful myth:

Yup that is what they are saying!

Let’s give the hooray and last word to HALLMARK:


Premieres SATURDAY AUGUST 15 9pm/8c
Starring Kimberley Sustad and Paul Campbell



So friends what I am suggesting is we all bombard Hallmark with our support and gratitude and thanks for the LOVE! Spread the word so the AUG 15th ratings are HUGE
Send your thanks to: or by phone at 888-390-7474. They will greatly appreciate your feedback.

Twitter: @hallmarkchannel


#MillionMoms #HallmarkChannel #WeddingEveryWeekend #ProudLesbianMom #LesbianMoms #MillionLesbianMoms

OH AND – While I am at it: I am a PROUD LESBIAN MOM!

By Melanie Nathan
African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers

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