Preview Hateful New Film by American Family Association – And then Donate to those they Persecute

Please DONATE to African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) (AHRC) – and the let the haters, American Family Association, know that their FILM spurred you to donate to those they persecute …..

The vehemently homophobic purveyors of conversion therapies, American Family Association will be spewing more anti-LGBTQ myth in their newest documentary, In His Image, coming this fall. It seems they have been called by some obscure GOD they tout to promote hate. Not the same G-d whose teaching’s my Jewish Torah instills! My Hashem is all loving and accepts me fully just as I was created!

You can get a sneak preview

So lets find ways to turn this hate around – into love….. Love All and support LGBTQI people to be authentic and proud of who we are – and have all the protection from hate that we need….

Michael Brown narrates – and the usual line-up of characters touting their conversion abara-cadabaras! .

You can get a sneak preview

After you watch it – if you can stomach it – and see their call for funds, why not please DONATE to African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) (AHRC) and the let the haters at American Family Association know that their FILM spurred you to donate to those they persecute and try and convert! Even just $5.00 will get the message across.

Let them know that you donated to LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees who are on the run from the hate THEY have and continue to export to African countries.

It is because of these people that we are desperately trying to shelter thousands of LGBTQI people across the country. It is because of these people and their ties to TRUMP that the pipeline for asylum seekers and refugees has been shutdown! Many cannot escape the persecution and are seeking our help to keep safe.

American Evangelicals spewing this hate, through spreading films like this, are directly responsible for the fact that over 30 African nations continue to criminalize sexual orientation and gender identity. These groups have direct ties to ensuring that hateful dicta continues to spread across Africa (and other countries) to ensure that gays are perceived as satanic and not made in G-d’s image! They therefore tout that gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people can change and hence they promote conversion and reparative therapies that so often lead young people to suicide. This exporting of hate led directly to Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill. These groups are asking that the Bill be revived in the Ugandan Parliament.

INSTEAD of supporting their mythological warfare against our community, please support those needing the remedies for the consequences of their hate !!~

DONATE TO: African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) (AHRC)

THEN TELL AFA YOU DONATED TO LGBTQI ASYLUM SEEKERS, in their name, who are escaping their hate:

By Melanie Nathan
African Human Rights Coalition
Executive Director
Blog: Oblogdee.Blog
pronouns: she / her / hers


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