Responding to Trump Killing Asylum

In his 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump claimed Mexico was offloading ‘rapists’ at the border. And he vowed his administration would no longer accept this. Four years later, his trajectory of scapegoating and lies has yielded the Department of Homeland Security and the Executive Office of Immigration Review’s new rule. This rule effectively destroys the asylum process in the United States. It is so cruel, especially with regard to its impact on LGBT+ asylum seekers, that it must be fought with great vigor.

We at the African Human Rights Coalition have just responded to the proposals. As we said, this rule causes America to turn its back on thousands of the most vulnerable people in the world. Among them are LGBT+ people seeking safety and freedom. The proposals would make it almost impossible for survivors of gender-based violence including women, and Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people – especially those lacking legal representation – to obtain asylum in the United States.  HERE IS THE FULL ARTICLE IN GAY STAR NEWS:  CLICK HERE

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