CGRS Asylum 21St Century Victories

Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at Hastings Law School, San Francisco (CGRS), has published two new videos discussing the recent Sixth Circuit victories in Juan Antonio v. Barr and Guzman v. Barr, as a part of their “Asylum in the 21st Century: What’s New?” video series. Take a look:

Juan Antonio v. BarrIn this case involving an indigenous Guatemalan woman, the Sixth Circuit affirmed that domestic violence survivors should have a fair opportunity to present their asylum claims and have their cases evaluated objectively, despite the Attorney General’s intervening attempt to close the door to survivors in Matter of A-B-. (The First Circuit came to a similar conclusion in De Pena-Paniagua v. Barr earlier this year, which CGRS discussed in the first video of this series.)

Guzman v. Barr: In this case involving a young man from Mexico, the court held that adjudicators cannot deny protection based on lack of corroboration without giving the applicant an opportunity to explain why the evidence requested wasn’t reasonably available. The court also made an important holding related to the nexus requirement in asylum and withholding of removal cases. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Andrew Free, who represented Mr. Guzman, for this video and discuss with him the significance of the ruling for asylum seekers in the Sixth Circuit and beyond. 

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