Trump Chokes America with Teargas and the Asphyxiation of our Rights

All the while weaponizing the Bible

WE CANNOT BE SILENT: At the White House:  African Human Rights Coalition condemns in the strongest terms the unconscionable behavior of Donald J. Trump, and his Republican Party today. He lashed out attacking the American people by stripping them of their basic constitutional rights, with the use of force, though unprovoked:

He timed his White House speech to the American people with an orchestrated physical attack by military police against peaceful protestersstanding in Lafayette Park, clearly choreographed to sync to his dictatorial stance and self-serving campaign related photo-ops, declaring that he is the ultimate authority and that HE is “LAW AND ORDER”, thumbing his nose at the very subject of the protests which pertains to policing and racism.

He lied. He said he was there to protect protesters from hoodlums, all the while we watched on a split TV screen how while the protesters were 100% peaceful, the military/ police exacted hoodlum behavior, with an unprovoked attack against the peaceful protesters. He lied. So blatantly to ALL our faces.

What makes the terrifying spectacle we witnessed today outside the White House even more insidious is that he used, abused and exploited a dead man, a grieving family and community, whose racist murder sparked the very protests he tried to silence today. He deployed police violently in defiance of the grievances, to stroke his base of white supremacists and KKK.

After the orchestrated attack on peaceful protesters, Trump teargassed DC creating a ‘parted sea‘ – dispersing protesters – so he could walk across the street, in Messiah fashion, Bible in hand, to a Church for a photo-op designed to tantalize his minions. Indeed he looked like a fool and so awkward. But that does not derogate from his obscene intent.

There are just no words to describe what we witnessed. This is a dangerous megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to stay in power and so must silence the majority of America and deny their will. Instead of allowing America to breathe, he is choking us, just like the murderer did to George Floyd, with teargas and the asphyxiation of our rights.


#JusticeforGeorge #Resist #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter#IcantBreathe

Melanie Nathan
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