Because I love You: COVID-19 Study Shows One Week Cost 54,000 Lives

If the measures had been in place two weeks earlier, on March 1, the death toll would be 54,000 lower.

Friends I am posting this because I love you!

Lets not make the same mistake twice and truth be known we cannot fully trust public officials – especially those who seem to place money before lives.

Too many of these deaths are a number that rolls across the TV screen or presents in some database.

After noting this briefing below and the research it presents, I realize that people are going to go out there and behave as if everything is back to normal way too quickly.

I believe that there will be a symbiosis between the public’s exhaustion with shelter in place, (this reflecting the COVID-19 financial ruin that calls us back to normality in our desire to re-establish) and the politicians still too terrified to face the actual truth, – their fear embracing the Trump modicum that we need back to normal is more important than saving lives.

The New York Times notes this in our morning briefing:

“By the final days of February, many public health experts were sounding the alarm about the coronavirus, and some people were listening.

In the San Francisco area, major employers began directing their employees to stay home. Washington State declared a state of emergency. South Korea, Vietnam and other countries ordered aggressive measures.

On Feb. 26, he said — incorrectly — that the number of cases was “going very substantially down, not up.” As late as March 10, he promised: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”Some local leaders also continued to urge business as usual. In early March, Mayor Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers to “get out on the town despite coronavirus.”This kind of advice appears to have cost tens of thousands of American lives, according to a new analysis by researchers at Columbia University. If the U.S. had enacted social-distancing measures a week earlier than it did — in early March rather than mid-March — about 36,000 fewer Americans would have died, the study found.

That’s more than one third of the current death toll, which is about 100,000.

If the measures had been in place two weeks earlier, on March 1, the death toll would be 54,000 lower.”

So let me ask you this. If you knew staying home one week longer could save 54,000 lives would you do it?

The bottom line to all this is that I encourage you to move forward slowly and intelligently and wherever you are- to do your own home work and create your own comfort level.  I plan to remain Shelter in Place for at least another 3 weeks, before assessing how much I want to venture out of it.  I will continue to operate my work via Zoom and I will create my own bubble of visiting socially distanced thereafter with those who behave similarly to me.  In moving forward I recommend you asses your own vulnerability. If you are over 64, have any health issues – you need to check in with your doctor to help asses your risk and how you should move forward.

Stay safe deal family and friends – it is you for you and your neighbors, friends and families …… to keep your bubble Bubble wrapped!


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