COVID-19 Emergency Response by ALLOUT, African HRC, REFCEA to LGBTI Refugees in Kakuma Camp

Here is the current posting from African Human Rights Coalition website, with thanks for COVID-19 RESPONSE:

African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC – AHRC) would like to thank all partners, donors and refugees involved in the various COVID-19 emergency related food and sanitization distributions at Kakuma Camp during April and May.


In a well-planned and coordinated effort, African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) in partnership with ALLOUT and REFCEA, delivered hundreds of pounds of food and supplies to over 250 LGBTQI refugees in Kakuma Camp Kenya. The distribution was facilitated through agents on the ground, reporting back the success of the initiative.

The planning for the initiative and fundraising campaign, through the auspices of ALLOUT commenced in March, at a time when we realized that COVID-19 was making its way toward the African continent and that the country would go under curfew and lockdown. Together with these partners and donors we were able to jump into action as soon as UNHCR reached out publicly, noting its concerns and funding shortages.

At its best Kakuma Camp provides rationed food to refugees who often do not see more than one small meal a day. We are hoping to ramp up the food deliveries as well as livelihood programs beyond the COVID-19 emergency response.

This emergency relief will extend to the month of June, as we plan another distribution.

In addition, together with the Coalition, we were also able to respond to Nairobi LGBTQI evictions as a matter of urgency and are now seeking a way to replenish the emergency fund, as we anticipate more evictions may occur as a result of urban refugees losing their current work.

We would like to thank the Kenyan Government for the police protection offered during this volatile and challenging time as well as UNHCR for their continued protection.

We need all the help we can get:


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One thought on “COVID-19 Emergency Response by ALLOUT, African HRC, REFCEA to LGBTI Refugees in Kakuma Camp

  1. Am happy and proud of you guys. you have done everything you can to help us… Those who don’t want this help please don’t mind them

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