Tanzania’s president idiocy as three MPs die and Covid-19 spikes

Tanzania’s president is under pressure after three MPs die in 11 days and Covid-19 cases spike.

Tanzania’s president John Magufuli has described Covid-19 as a “demon” and declared all places of worship remain open because they are where “true healing” will be found.


Magufuli has also been relatively relaxed about instituting movement restrictions or lockdowns and is now under pressure after three members of parliament diedin just 11 days.

That is why his country is not doing as well as other African countries relative to this context.

Many Pentecostal Christians, in Africa as well as other continents, portray the coronavirus as a “spiritual force of evil” rather than as a biomedical disease.

Through this lens, the world is presented as a battleground between God and the agents of Satan. For those who enlist to “fight for Jesus”, the most effective weapon is prayer.

Ok dear readers and erstwhile Colonizers – lets pray for enlightenment!

Melanie Nathan

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