Ugandan Homeless Shelter Raided by Authorities in Homophobic Attack

The Ugandan Government has raided a safe shelter for homeless victims of human rights abuses.

While sheltered in place and in protection form the Corona Virus outbreak, authorities sought fit to victimize the residents, with homophobic slurs and physical beatings to solicit confessions as to their sexuality.

At this time we believe approximately 23 people were arrested and taken to Kampala jails, where the risk to them is far greater than while sheltered in place, not only from the COVID-19 Virus but also from further homophobic beatings and attacks.

The police Called in the press and this is what was televised: SEE HERE.


Mayor Beats Homeless Youths Detained in Uganda Raid on LGBTI Safe Shelter

STATEMENT ON THE RAID OF THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN FOUNDATION SHELTER FOR LGBT YOUTHS IN UGANDA- 3/31/2020 Introduction and overview On the morning of 29th March, a shelter for LGBT youth operated by Children of the Sun Foundations (COSF) was raided by residents, and security forces. 23 people found at the shelter were arrested. … More


Thanks to Marc Cohen from African HRC for his assistance on this report.
We will be updating this report.

Especially during COVID-19 Outbreak as we continue to support , safe shelter and feed LGBTQI exiles, refugees and asylum seekers. DONATE HERE.

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