Mel’s Activism Through this 2010-2020 Decade

As we close out the 2019 year, a choice of  PHOTOS through this decade all depicting me – Melanie Nathan: My criteria – I am in each photo, reflecting on my personal experiences in the world of LGBTQI activism and advocacy for the past decade. A select few…. and there are so many more… Thank you to all for the honor of the moment….. its with thanks to those of you who prop me up and love me…


Melanie Nathan with Zindziswa Mandela, and Dr. Saul Levin, fellow South African from American Psychiatric Association at the unveiling of former SA President Nelson Mandela’s statute at the SA Embassy in D.C. Worked with SAGCE as a sponsor of the Statue.


Melanie Nathan- Awareness for equality work in New York with Gilbert Baker, founder of Rainbow LGBTQI Flag and activist Ken Kidd


Melanie Nathan LGBTI Asylum Seekers Marry in San Francisco


Melanie Nathan  at OUTFEST. LA – The great honor of accepting Best Documentary Award for UNSETTLED, at OUTFEST LOS ANGELES 2019, on behalf of Tom Shepard, filmmaker and the entire team of producers, crew and subjects – Melanie Nathan


Melanie Nathan on Panel with Prof. Ernest Uwase and Justice Jackie Kamau from the Kenyan High Court


A Proud mama moment cannot be ignored -Melanie Nathan daughter Hannah Cole graduating from NYU Tisch Class of 2019



Melanie Nathan, as VP of SF Pride Board leads the San Francisco Parade behind Dykes one Bikes with Board resistance Contingent


PINK TRIANGLE SPEECH – Melanie Nathan, Mayor Ed Lee, Patrick Carney, Mark Leno, David Campos, Tom Ammiano, Jose Cisneros, Scott Weiner (not in order). Sadly this decade saw the passing of the Mayor – May he rest in Peace.


Melanie Nathan (VP SF Pride) with Michelle Meow (President SF Pride) and George Ridgely (Executive Director SF Pride) on my last day of service –


Melanie Nathan, Keynote Speaker and Grand Marshal Cape Town Pride 2011


Melanie Nathan leading a great honor the PRO Immigration March against caging of children and separation of families with Joan Baez


Melanie Nathan and Ndumie Funda of Luleki Sizwe upon entering South African Parliament to deliver One Million worldwide signatures in support of lesbians fighting so called “corrective” rape  – giving rise to SA Government and Civil Society partnered Task Team


Melanie Nathan with her attorney Lisa Bloom on AMJOY show- Joy Reid MSNB – speaking about the Trump Admin cancellation of Nathan’s Pride Nay and Air Base Pride Tour


Melanie Nathan with women’s March front banner with Women Leaders San Francisco to include Mayor Land Breed and Rep Barbara Lee, Honey Mahogany, Hilary Ronin, Kate Kendell, Michelle Meow , Sophia Andr of Womens March


San Francisco Pride 2014 and the Melanie Nathan Community Grand Marshal contingent.


Pride 2014: Melanie Nathan, and asylum seekers


Melanie Nathan Speaking on Main Stage at SF Pride


Melanie Nathan delivering the Gay Flag the day after Mandela died in South Africa to his memorial and statue with Eugene (Huge) Brockman – the designer of SA Gay Flag


Melanie Nathan experiencing Zanele Muholi and her extraordinary camera in South Africa 2011


Melanie Nathan – Taxi Ride to Khyalitsha with the most courageous lesbians on earth!


Melanie Nathan with the Shirley and Jay Tan Mercado Family Pride 2010 – after the extraordinary Private bill Senator Dianne Feinstein leading to testimony for UAFA in Senate Judiciary Committee


Melanie Nathan catching up with my friend and teacher former Chief Justice Edwin Cameroon, at the Constitutional Court South Africa


Melanie Nathan at Pink Triangle event with daughter Hannah, Patrick Carney, founder of event, Lea Delaria fellow speaker and Hossein Carney


Melanie Nathan with Junior, Mari and Cheyenne from Congo and Angola after exile from Africa meet first weekend in Castro to celebrate at Harvey’s Cafe




Melanie Nathan speaking about BIG things but so little at Casto Theatre


Melanie Nathan – AND OH was THAT a battle! The Face off – Outside Courts seeking Marriage equality
Melanie Nathan and Nancy Pelosi


Melanie Nathan – interviews getting to ready to face off with White Supremacist and Nazi haters at Patriot Prayer rally –  The Presidio – and refusing to turn it into a dance party at City hall



Melanie Nathan with Rita Mae Brown, Author – an interesting time at her farm


PROTESTS AND RALLIES with youngest daughter


MELA NIE NATHAN PROP 8 CALIFORNIA AND SCOTUS – OK Prop 8 was actually the previous decade, but the other pics in mashup depicts Rally for marriage at SCOTUS with now California Governor Gavin Newsom


PROTESTING THE RUSSIAN Treatment of gays before Sochi


Melanie Nathan with Honorable Nabillah Ssempala Ugandan parliamentarian at a Bobbi Wine for President of Uganda Event


Melanie Nathan speaking against homophobia – At Pride Gala, South Africa


Melanie Nathan  – And with Holiday cheer I say HAIL eternal Pride Presidents and Executive TEAM


Melanie Nathan with Soccer Super couple #KRASHLYN and mazaltov! Harris and Krieger





Melanie Nathan Past Pride VP , Past Pride President Jacqueline Bishop and Pride Treasurer Suzanne Ford at NCLR Fundraiser
So much support at Castro Frameline Screening for UNSETTLED with subjects, filmmakers and friends


Melanie Nathan with Womens March Lead Banner – Rep Barbara Lee and Mayor London Breed plus


Melanie Nathan with People who make a difference – Lisa Bloom, Robin Tyler
Melanie Nathan greetings to LGBTQI Refugees – and there are many of these beautiful pictures of those seeing the end of hell….


Melanie Nathan and Guess


Melanie Nathan and the ever colorful Bruce Beaudette


Melanie Nathan and Tom Ammiano
Melanie Nathan with thanks to Women’s March and a great to honor to line up with these women on this Panel at SF JCC


Melanie Nathan – With Edie Windsor my choice for Woman of the decade!



OK !!!  Thanks for the support –


Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
Mediation: Private Courts
Follow me on Twitter – @MelanieNathan1
Instagram: @commissionermelnathan

One thought on “Mel’s Activism Through this 2010-2020 Decade

  1. You certainly “walk the walk”, Melanie! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and principled commitment. I wish you and yours a wonderful new year, from Oz!

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