Jan Falk Therapist – Is this Anti Semitism Within our Ranks

QUESTION:  what if she were asked as an expert witness in her family law custody mediation expert testimony practice to testify in court for or against an Israeli Plaintiff or Defendant?

Facebook, the social media platform is that oddity that brings us humans together in cause, kinship, and opinions. Often opinions differ. Often we fail in our discourse. Often we are impatient, assume too much or too little, face off in exasperation, and mostly we opine. All of our opinions are equally valid and we get to express our First Amendment rights as Americans and our hope for such rights if from other countries. However it is also a place where hate can be so freely expressed. One can express anti-Jewish sentiment or anti-Israel sentiment, the latter can be clothed in either a perception of antisemitism, or even real anti-semitism. When a fellow Jew platforms hate against Jews, my blood boils even higher than when a non-Jew does it. When a fellow Jew opens her timeline to foster or prop-up the blur between anti-semitism and anti-Israel sentiment, I cannot let it go and troll my opinion with all the love I can muster.

Fact -I blocked Jan Falk, MSW. She says she is a Jew. She says she is a mother. She says she is Psychotherapist from Arlington Virginia and perhaps is in practice in Bend Oregon and/or Fairfax Station, Virginia. She says she manages Family Resolution of the Cascades. I have not verified any of her credentials.   I do not know this person personally-though we have been ‘friends’ on Facebook for some time. I would not want someone capable of the following providing me any form of ‘shrinkage’ on her couch or expert testimony in my mediation practice – after all what if my client or wife were Israeli?

We seem to have a lot in common – we are both Jewish, in the industry that involves Family mediation, therapy or resolution. She calls herself a Trump Hater. I am anti-Trump and his hate – though I do not call myself a hater.  Unlike Jan Falk, I am not a Joe Biden supporter, though I would support Biden if he were the nominee. Somehow I do not think Joe will share her dislike for Israelis in general, which she has stated in no uncertain terms herself.

Well….. the rest is what she posted and the result and speaks for itself…

You be the Judge:

Lest we forget hate begets hate!

As for my PC Kumbayah comment here it is:

I feel compelled to post this because I wonder if an Israeli showed up to her workshop about women and anger, if they would be made to feel welcome. And YES lets talk about who is qualified to lead groups on women and anger! This screenshot from her webpage…

And what is she were asked as an expert witness in her family law custody mediation expert testimony practice to testify in court for or against an Israeli Plaintiff or Defendant?  This screenshot from her website:



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3 thoughts on “Jan Falk Therapist – Is this Anti Semitism Within our Ranks

  1. i really don’t like her. she also participates in what looks to me like gleeful fearmongering. as someone with mental health issues and a history of people using scare tactics on me, i am rather susceptible to this, and she, being a “psychotherapist” appears to have a predatory knack for recognizing these types and thus triggering them.
    just the other day i woke up after a sleep-deprived night, a time when i can be at my most vulnerable, to a post of hers claiming that coronavirus is covering 90% of the country. i won’t even go into detail about my reaction and subsequent comments but they weren’t pretty. she posted little sad reacts to them, which felt sarcastic to me.
    this morning it was “STOCK MARKET CRASH!”. i unfollowed.
    i also don’t trust the fact her posts are public, leaving a lot of personal political opinions and arguments out in the open for all to be seen. i picture her sitting back, enjoying popcorn at the fracas.
    she strikes me as a genuinely mean person.

  2. this lady was my landlord, she is 100% batshit crazy, one of those people that you just want to get out of your life after you meet them and realize they are totally insane and there is no point to trying to reason with them, when I found out she was a therapist I was honestly shocked

  3. So the other day I came across this woman on fb and she legit said “why would you want a relationship with a mentally ill person” on someone’s post who is struggling with their relationship.

    When I pointed out to her that damn, she’s a PSYCHOtherapist, and saying those things is ableist as hell, she told me to fuck off and blocked me. So I went and found out all the places she works, found this article, etc and i want to pursue letting all these places of employment know who she is. She’s disgusting. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ If anyone would like to help me my email is Amchernow89@gmail.com. This woman needs to put in her place.

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