Deep Sadness Prevails this Day – Tribute to Johnny Clegg

Such a life never dies ….. much loved …. forever remembered…..

Johnny – our legend- deep sadness prevails this day – even with profound and happy memories helming his magnificent legacy
There will never be another Johnny Clegg
Music, dance, language –
The courageous cross pollination- a part of that which brought South Africa to its feet -all our heartbeats unified – fulfilled – unfiltered – real-
Deliverance in his music –
A conveyance through authenticity that defied Apartheid and transcended politics
Zulu migrant workers – miners- gold mines – truth is told! It began and never ended…. even in victory – because there was always more..
The dignity of Clegg’s admissions –  he who understood that fitting in meant his own unique normalcy became all of ours!
Somehow! Even if just in THAT one song! That you heard but never saw.
If you are NOT South African this is hard to explain.
A true humanitarian
Much loved
A brother to all
Will be sorely missed
He was a friend…. he is still a friend….

CLIK HERE FOR MOVING TRIBUTE by Kearsney College Boys  to Johnny Clegg.:





Advocacy: African Human Rights Coalition
Speaker: Melnathan
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