Listing 300 Anti-LGBTQ Lawyers Working with Alliance Defending Freedom

NEW REPORT: Here is a List of 300 Anti-LGBTQ Lawyers Working with Alliance Defending Freedom | Report Provides Names of ADF Allied Attorneys Serving in the Federal Government  and the Country’s Top Law Firms

(New York, New York) – A new report released by Media Matters provides 300 names of Alliance Defending Freedom’s 3,300 allied attorneys across the country. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) regularly taps its network of over 3,300 allied attorneys to provide pro bono legal support – including for clients targeting LGBTQ Americans.

ADF is an extreme, biased legal organization has taken dozens of extreme anti-LGBTQ positions, including: supporting​ Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law, defending the ​discredited and dangerous​ practice of conversion therapy, advocating​ against adoption and foster care by LGBTQ people, and supporting​ policies that ban trans people from using facilities that align with their gender identity.

“This list of names slightly pulls back the curtain on a deeply opaque, biased organization that has defended the legal oppression of LGBTQ people in this country for decades,” said No Gays Allowed spokesperson Caleb Cade. “ADF has tentacles stretching to the far corners of our government, legal institutions, and most respected law firms. Their allied attorneys in these positions use their influence to advocate for and defend laws that will harm LGBTQ Americans.”

The names of allied attorneys released include people in the federal government and prominent private law firms, including:

  • Rep. Mike Johnson is allied attorney and former ADF lawyer currently representing the 4th District of Louisiana in the U.S. House of Representatives.
    • He was previously a state representative who sponsored a religious exemptions bill that would have made it easier to discriminate against LGBTQ people.
  • Trump-appointed U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan is an allied attorney and has a history of opposing LGBTQ equality.
    • He is former general counsel for Becket Law, has represented anti-LGBTQ clients in the past, authored an amicus brief for the Supreme Court opposing marriage equality, and was counsel in a case almost heard by the Supreme Court supporting a school’s discriminatory anti-trans bathroom policy.
  • Kerri Kupec, former ADF legal counsel and director of communications, currently serves in the executive branch as director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice.
    • She has defended the Trump administration’s policy of prohibiting transgender people from serving in the military.
  • ADF allied attorneys also serve as attorneys general – or in their offices – in states across the country, including Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, and Texas.
    • Allied attorneys Kevin Clarkson and Timothy Fox serve as the attorneys general of Alaska and Montana, respectively, and Nevada Solicitor General Lawrence Van Dyke is also an allied attorney.

You can read Media Matters full report here.


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