BREAKING: Women’s March Disrupts Kavanaugh Hearing, Dozens Arrested

Protesters: “Kavanaugh is a threat to women’s rights and an enemy of Democracy”


Washington, D.C. — Over 30 women have been arrested so far during today’s hearing on Brett Kavanaugh. Women’s March leaders from across the country took part in the protests alongside Women’s March co-founders Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland, Women’s March Senior Advisor Winnie Wong, and Orange is the New Black creator Piper Perabo.

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Some women were dragged out of the hearing without warning from police officers. Women’s March and Center for Popular Democracy Action continue to lead disruptions alongside women from numerous gender justice and social justice organizations from inside the hearing.

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Rachel O’Leary Carmona, Chief Operating Officer of Women’s March, released the following statement on the arrests:

“Women are disrupting this hearing today because our lives are at risk. Women will die if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

“Politicians on both sides of the aisle need to know–if you don’t stop Kavanaugh, we will make you pay in November and in 2020. If you’re a Democrat, we’ll primary you – if you’re a Republican, your seat will be flipped. The gloves are off, the rings are on, and we’re ready to resist the fight that chose us.

“There is a political price to pay if you’re complicit in Trump’s white supremacist agenda: you will be voted out.

“Hundreds of women from across the country are still in line waiting to access the Kavanaugh hearings — and we will not stop.”

***See Video Here***

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#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh

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By Melanie Nathan

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#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh
#SaveSCOTUS #StopKavanaugh

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