Time to REVOLT: No Question U.S. President Trump is a Racist!


Facebook: Melanie Nathan, August 14, 2018: When I immigrated to the United States of Amerca from South Africa in 1985, Nelson Mandela was still imprisoned on Robbin Island and Apartheid was for the most part in full swing! During the Reagan era a movement was afoot to implement sanctions that would ultimately be a catalyst for the demise of Apartheid. Just before I immigrated I could have faced serious consequences in South Africa for defying the laws that banned me from owning a picture of Nelson Mandela.

I came to America under the naïve impression that there was no racism here.

The first thing I did upon my arrival was to run to a bookstore to buy every book I could about Mandela – the books I could not read or own in South Africa. America was my place to be free.

It did not take too long for me to see that the truth of America meant I was still living in Johannesburg and across the bridge was Soweto. There was nothing truly different between America and South Africa except the fact that Apartheid in America was not a Federal law, but rather a legacy! One that had never changed or healed. One that had never been through truth and reconciliation. One that had never provided compensation. One that still persecuted on its own terms.

It took 20 years in this country for me to realize that I actually had white privilege and that it followed me from my South African, albeit refugee roots, to my adoptive home – which opened its arms and embraced my privilege. I never knew nor understood.

It took me another 10 years to realize that every day I continue to learn and sometimes I even fuck up! I am still evolving and I am not sure that I will ever have the right to say I am fully evolved. Not sure that a person with a white skin can ever!

There is one thing though that I do know. That is how to recognize racism. Flagrant bland racism. And quite frankly we should NOT at this time, be it via our cable, social media and/or airwaves be pondering whether or not this current political administration and this apology for an illicit president is racist or not.

Why? Why? Why? are we even debating this? And many are! Why is our press even bothering asking the question – “Hey Sarah – can you guarantee there is no tape out there with Donald Trump using the N WORD? “

America – he is. DONALD J. TRUMP is a racist and an anti semite and a xenophobe and a homophobe and a hater of Muslims – AND it is he who is President of the United States of AMERICA.!!! 2018!

WE ARE SUFFERING THE BACKLASH OF PRESIDENT OBAMA – who shouldered racism at its worst. THIS is a country that has failed and is failing!

Saying you are not a racist or acknowledging your privilege is nothing – not enough! Nowhere near! – WE are ALL complicit – You and me ! Until each and every one of us is standing together in some way, shape or form – storming the bastille – we must acknowledge that #resistance has proved useless- #revolution is the ONLY answer.

Each and every one who knows this truth and is mad as hell needs to storm out of their job, refuse to continue your life as you know it- bring America to its knees . Bring America to a standstill – we need to storm THAT White House with signs that read “GET THAT FUCKING RACIST OUT OF THERE. “ And not move until he is gone! Yes – who is willing to die? Because THAT is what it will take! #REVOLT

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.27.25 AM@MelanieNathan1

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 3.32.45 PM


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