Justice Sought for Lesbian Couple Charged in Self-Defense Stabbing Case

Tori & Alex
Tori and Alexandria – permission granted for Oblogdee to use picture.

A lesbian couple out for the night in Morgan Hill, California seem to have had no choice but to defend their lives, after being apparently sexually harassed and attacked by three men. All too often we hear of a dead LGBTI person, unable to thwart physical assault. Now the two women are facing serious charges, detained with unaffordable bail, while their attackers are free.

Tori Sanchez and Alexandria Campos were arrested shortly after the July 7 attack outside a local bar.

According to a press report:

“A night of drinking in downtown Morgan Hill nearly turned deadly for three men who were allegedly stabbed by a lesbian couple after sexually harassing the women.

The men were stabbed in various parts of their body, including the groin, back, arms, and shoulder.

Tori Sanchez and Alexandria Campos were arrested shortly after the July 7 attack.

According to investigators, the two women encountered the men at The Hill Bar & Grill.

Sanchez told police the men were “harassing them all night by touching, groping and flirting with them.”

Sanchez and Campos are romantically involved, according to police reports.

The couple decided to leave the bar and walked across the street to the M&H Tavern. The three men followed them.

Both parties stayed at the bar until it closed, after which the attack occurred.

I spoke directly to a family member of one of the women who said the women were acting in self-defense. He also told me that they have no prior criminal record.

Both women are scheduled to be in court July 20 for arraignment. They remain in the county with bail set at $175,000 each.

The Police originally booked the women for attempted murder. However prosecutors have now charged them with a lesser charge of assault with a deadly weapon. This adds to the fact that their story of self-defense is credible.  No two women would take on 3 men unless forced to through self-defense. I also believe the bail should be reduced.  According to the family member, the women are not flight risks and want this matter cleared up to the point of their vindication.

My question is why are the 3 men free and uncharged? Is it simply easier to charge 2 lesbians who bear less physical wounds?  Is this sloppy investigating? Or just an attempt at securing what seems like an easier conviction because of how the injuries present?  Where is the opportunity for real justice? The mere fact of injury ought not absolve the men! Apparently they have been released from the hospital.   They are not victims in this! If the women are found not guilty – will the men THEN be arrested for assault, sexual assault, attempted rape? And does their alleged sexual assault of the women disappear because the women had to defend themselves?

Self-defense is more than a mere defense in circumstances where women are harassed and threatened with violence, especially LGBTI people who are often harassed and usually as a matter of hate. I believe such defensive actions are tantamount to a right.

Imagine a threat or attack as profoundly terrifying as 3 men versus 2 women:  The only self-defense remedy, knowing one cannot outrun or overpower, would obviously result in the infliction of serious wounds. How else would the women have got away?

When asked to describe the women the family member noted: “They have been together since high school, for 5 or 6 years,” she said. “They are both sweet loving women. They are hard workers, animal lovers, and always there for friends and family. They are very open with everyone about their sexuality and came out when they were really young.”

LGBTQI community – lets support our sisters in their quest for fairness and  justice!

By Melanie Nathan

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12 thoughts on “Justice Sought for Lesbian Couple Charged in Self-Defense Stabbing Case

  1. Thank you Melanie for bringing out the injustice that is being said and displayed about Alexandria and Tori. My name is Maxine and i am Alexandrias older sister and i am thankful for your blog and support on behalf of my sister and Tori. It has been a hard road for us since our mother passed away in October of last year and this is just another blow. As a family we are trying our hardest to piece everything together so we can help our sister and Tori the best way possible. My sister and Tori are awesome young ladies and i have faith justice will prevail in their case. Once again Thank you!

    1. Thanks for commenting Maxine. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I have faith that justice will ultimately prevail. Lets hope they both get good representation. Please keep me posted and feel free to communicate directly with me at my email address commissionermnathan@gmail.com

    1. Thats not my job – thats the job of the legal system. All I know is it is not okay to harass and touch women without their consent – that is bound to lead to a problem.

  2. Amazing work you are doing I am not gay but I do stand up for people rights and for a person that is being harrassed and bullied and I know it is not right that NO man nor woman has any right to assault anyone we as humans have the right to protect ourselves to the fullest to make sure we come out of it alive and unhurt and able to call authorities because this should never happen to anyone anytime in any city ever since this POTUS had came into office there has been more and more hate,race, assault,and discrimination against ordinary people and the LGBTQI COMMUNTY thank you

  3. I’ve been around Tory and Alex for a few years now have never felt in danger around them have never had a knife pulled out on me and I’m a guy. If these guys were stabbed it was because they would not give up and go home. Alex and Tory have always been great friends and are always welcome at my house. It really is too bad they were at a bar instead of at home were they would of had more rights hopefully. If I could hire the best attorney available for them they would definitely be out I just hope they can make it through to jury trial.

  4. Please also don’t forget that Morgan Hill was built by Mormons and Mormon law rules. I believe that this is playing a huge role in this case.

  5. No one LGBT, or anyone should have to worry when stepping out whether they will be harassed, bullied or made to feel uncomfortable. These girls are not a threat to society. They reacted the wrong way, but I’m sure that they weren’t thinking logically. People don’t think of how words alone hurt and get into your mind. I hope that these men involved are also brought in front of a judge to answe for there role in this tragedy

  6. Hello Melanie. I’m trying to connect with lgbti groups that will support tory and alexandria. It is important to blast this self defense case to the world because it is an attack against women, gays and Raza. The court system and the police are criminalizing these young women.

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