America Say Hi To Africa – there are floods…. and other stuff…

Some international news … absolved from cabin fever – you know that insular stuck in MERICA feeling – read:

Thousands strand in flood:
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.11.36 PMCentral Somalia has experienced heavy rains which have flooded parts of the country. The resultant effect has been the displacement of thousands. The United Nations estimates that almost half a million people are affected. While the Federal Government and other allies continue to work around containing the situation, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) is contributing its fair share to alleviating the humanitarian situation. According to AMISOM’s Sector 4 Commander Colonel Mohamed Barkhad Aden, troops from Ethiopia and Djibouti had evacuated some 10,000 people from flooded areas in Beledweyne located in Central Somalia.  An influential journalist who extensively covers the country, Harun Maruf, reported as at Tuesday evening that thousands of people displaced by the floods in Beledweyne were stranded. He added that aid groups were doing an assessment of the situation which started days ago. READ MORE

KENYA: Hiribae Mame stood waist-deep in water outside her wrecked house in eastern Kenya, one of around 200,000 people forced to flee by weeks of floods, landslides and heavy rains.

ALSO IMPACTED ARE LGBTI and other refugees in kakuma Refugee Camp.  (Donations at : 

Kenya’s Red Cross estimates at least 100 have also died in the downpours since early April, a humanitarian disaster that it says needs emergency funding.

“I have lost 12 chicken and four goats. We were not able to save all of them and I can’t access the house because the door can’t open,” said the mother-of-four in the town of Tana River in lower Coast region.

Her youngest daughter clung to her neck, the girl’s feet just touching the water. Mattresses and wreckage floated by as handmade boats ferried people, animals and goods to safer ground.

Floods have blocked major roads across central and northern Kenya and coastal areas – the route from the capital Nairobi to the main port Mombasa was under water last week. DONATE

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.07.28 PMFix that useless government: Gabon’s Constitutional Court on Monday ordered the dissolution of the National Assembly thus bringing the work of the Ali Bongo-led government to an end. A statement read out by its president Marie Magdeleine Mborantsuo said the mandate of all lawmakers in the lower chamber of parliament had been terminated because the government had failed to hold elections to replace them. It was now incumbent on Bongo to appoint a new Prime Minister, leader of government, to steer affairs of the oil-rich central African nation. Till then, the upper chamber (Senate) has been tasked with doing the work of the dissolved chamber. READ MORE

Do you think she is referring to Museveni i  Uganda  – I mean Zuma and Mugabe are toast: African leaders resisting “democratic transformation” must heed their citizens’ calls for change, former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Saturday after receiving an award aimed at promoting good leadership on the continent. Without naming specific countries or leaders, she referred to “laggard” countries in the region of one billion people who are “not meeting democratic transformation”.“Their own citizens are making the call for change and I don’t think they can continue to resist or deny that call for change,” Johnson Sirleaf told Reuters after accepting the award in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. READ MORE

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