The VIEW Allowed Meghan McCain to Offend the Memories of The Parkland Massacre Victims, While Whoring Happy Cheers for her Father!

I am PISSED OFF with The View: I rarely BLOG about my Social Media Commentary – I am angry enough to hope that this gets its spot on Google Search Engines. Here is my Facebook post:

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The View Set Friday Feb 15, 2018, by Melanie Nathan

I don’t understand how the producers of the View allowed this to happen: I am in #NYC and went with my daughter and Karen to a taping of The View on Friday of this long weekend – – (yes I know it was a bit of a stretch but we thought would be fun!)

Anyway Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, et al and yes Meghan McCain, one of the newer hosts, had an on air conversation about the horrific gun massacre of 17 innocent humans, mostly teens at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in #Parkland, Florida. In fact during a break a young woman mentioned she knew people who had been murdered.

In the discussion Meghan McCain, noted her NRA membership and tried to argue her way through a deflection saying Democrats in 2008 were in control of the Congress and also did nothing. In their response the other hosts were resolute though rather feeble, yet it was clear the seemingly mostly Democratic audience was on the side of major gun control.

Immediately after the discussion during the AD break, when the show was not being taped, Meghan McCain turns to the audience with a request. At that point, the audience was all riled up by the show-warmer-comedian-guy who gets people to cheer and clap and scream with lots of games and jokes in between segments. Meghan turns to the riled-up audience and says she is going to visit her Dad, Republican Senator John McCain for the weekend and she would be sooooo grateful for the favor of  the audience sending a BIG SHOUT OUT to DAD “HELLOOOOOOO JOHN” – to cheer him up and make him feel good.

I WAS PISSED RIGID! The fucking hypocrisy of all who had anything to do with THE VEIW to allow Meghan McCain that platform moments after THAT discussion.

Imagine seconds after that sad and somber reflection on the murders of these 17 children – to cheer a fucking #Republican political #NRA whore – who took more money from the NRA than any other politician – I believe over 7 Million Dollars (American Hero or not! – THIS is separate issue!! There is a time and place !! And it was not THEN nor NOW!!).

So Meghan turns around with her back to the audience and shoots a selfie video with the mostly Democratic VIEW audience screaming in support of John McCain – because – yes they have been coerced to do it.

I doubt she got me in the shot because I was sitting on the side – but all three of us, my daughter, Karen and I stood there with our mouths shut, our arms purposely folded while most the audience, probably not an activist like me, and unaware of those NRA contributions, obliged!!!!

Had Meghan’s camera come my way I would have turned my back. However I am still offended- deeply – deeply- as an American to have been put in that situation. PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO HAS TAKEN ONE CENT FROM THE NRA – whether Republican or Democrat. To do so SHITS on the memory of those beautiful souls.

By the way – TODAY – I do not care that McCain needs cheering because HE IS TERMINAL! I don’t care that he is an “American Hero” – not today I don’t – while I may care on another day – NOT TODAY! There IS a time and place for everything and the time to honor John McCain in any way shape or form- is not now. Not at the expense of grieving families or beautiful souls.   Today he is an NRA whore like all the others who took their $$$$$ so THAT gun could get in the hands of that murderer!

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By Melanie Nathan


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