An Unsual Attack on a Fellow Jew – After All these Are days of Awe!

“Listen to me you impotent bald fuckwit.,” she noted in her private Facebook message – to one of the loveliest men I am privileged to know. A father, a husband, a citizen, an activist and a well respected professional in his realm of work.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 7.25.15 PMMeet the messenger, the purveyor of the insult, one Revital Zarur, apparently lives on Staten Island, New York -who continued her asinine tirade into ‘fbscreamat’:

“Since you’re so interested in my personal details I’ll humor you and share. My mother Z’l was American. My father was born in Baghdad and immigrated to Israel as an immigrant to Israel shortly after the Farhud. Deemed a second class citizen for being a North African Jew…after completing his military service he came to America, where he worked morning noon and night to provide for my mother and two brothers. In the process he created real estate holdings throughout Europe. Be mindful that was after fighting in the Yom Kippur war…where he almost gave his life securing the Jewish homeland for liberal fucktards like you. How many wars did your Whiney pampered ass serve in? Why did you leave SA after your white privileged expired? Why didn’t you remain in SA and fight for the rights of your people…since your such a human rights activist? You’re a snarky spineless coward…that had a stupid mother that didn’t have the good sense to swallow. I can’t figure out if your bitterness is a result of having a microscopic appendage or it’s simply your miserable nature. Here’s a little advice from me to you…find a razor sharp shard of glass sit on it and rotate. Lila Tov moron, may your days ahead be as miserable as you are..”

I read his blurb that precipitated the verbal assault – hardly warranted – and so..

Who is this strange voice in cyber hell, a wonderment of anger and discontentment? And then I catch myself – these are the days of awe when us Jews should not judge others, but rather reflect on self…  –  perhaps she has suffered greatly – perhaps we should feel nothing more than pity. And so in these days of awe let us judge not – we leave that up to her and Hashem- as we say so simply in South African parlance “Ag Shame”


… Now let us pray……

7 thoughts on “An Unsual Attack on a Fellow Jew – After All these Are days of Awe!

    1. Well do you really think ANYthing other than like or similar language warrants such response? She also made threats to this person’s business which I did not publish. However your comment is fair enough and I did not want to bog it down with “he said She said” ..the point would be missed. The point being this kind of retaliatory attack with such foul venom – is just not ok. Politics divide us- but THIS? Here is what happened. She came onto a discussion in troll like fashion with extreme vitriol. She then announced, after being taken to task, that she was leaving the discussion. Indeed she was provoked – but what was said did not warrant the disgusting foulness… This is the comment that provoked her response thereafter:

      “I’m so glad you’re done here. You dish it out “bigly” and then you play the poor little victim. The insults you hurl about former South Africans shows how little you even know about what apartheid was or still is for many. Right wingers, and others, continue to reap the benefits of those kinds of asinine arguments. Regarding the Hofstra comment – it was a joke to get you even more fired up. It worked. Hofstra, by the way, is a fine place, if you even really went there. You fit the absolute stereotype of a right winger in denial. You dish out ignorant bigoted nonsense. You make generalizations about where people come from and then you cry foul when you get called out. You fit the stereotype as if it were tailor made. Bigotry, prejudice, racism, misogyny, anti LGBT rhetoric usually bubbles to the surface eventually because THE TRUTH ALWAYS HAPPENS and because ignorance is more often than not, steeped in fear. Fear of the different. Fear of change. Fear of looking at oneself in the mirror and and at times questioning ones very own core. All hard shit. Whom ever you are, I would like to think that you are in the minority politically and socially. But I would also like to think that change can come about even more, particularly because of people like you. You provide a perfect frame of reference. More importantly, I hope that you realize the potential in yourself to change and grow, and that Revital, if that is indeed really who you are, is the real end game. Good luck to you.

  1. This personal, Revital Zurar, attacked my FB page and trolled me into a 30-day ban. Just now.

    She accused me of “being worse than the worst antisemites.” I’m Jewish.

    And *I* got the punishment. This person is batshit.

    1. OMG….I have been attempting to stay clear of her on a friend’s FB page. She is certifiable. After she harassed me on FB, I had enough and pointed out to her that she was not only a hypocrite but is the poster of extreme racist commentary on a consistent basis. She didn’t like that, so she reported me to FB. I received a warning re: ‘bullying’ (seriously???) which I am appealing because quite honestly FB needs to look at her posts. They are horrific!!!

  2. This very person JUST trolled my Facebook account viciously, and caused me to receive a 30-day ban. She got no punishment.

    You can’t make this sh!t up. I don’t even know her.

    1. Welcome to the club everyone. I’m “friends” with Revital on FB (not for long) and since I’m not a Trump supporter, she resorted to attacking me and posting vile crap about my relationship with my ex-wife and my children, my finances, my looks, ect. I really think that she’s pre-teen or the very least, a teenager. I sincerely hope that she gets professional help with her mental issues.

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