Trump Extends Muslim Ban under guise of adding non Muslim Countries

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 5.09.15 PMThe Trump administration announced new restrictions on visitors from eight countries — an expansion of the preexisting travel ban that has spurred fierce legal debates over security, immigration and discrimination. Chad, North Korea and Venezuela were added to the expiring and now reinvoked list.

In announcing the new rules, officials said they are meant to be both tough and targeted. The move comes on the day the key portion of President Trump’s travel ban, one which bars the issuance of visas to citizens of six majority-Muslim countries, was due to expire.

Trump’s original travel ban, signed as an executive order in the first days of his presidency, was always meant to be a temporary measure while his administration crafted more permanent rules. A senior administration official cautioned the new restrictions are not meant to last forever, but are “necessary and conditions-based, not time-based.’’

I believe adding non Muslim countries is more about Trump’s attempt to be seen to NOT be discriminating based on religion – by seemingly steering away from his unconstitutional motivation, through adding non Muslim countries. No we are not fooled! Its still Muslim ban! It is a smokescreen. He cannot escape his campaign rhetoric which so clearly reveals his motivation. This is still an anti-Muslim ban,

SCOTUS is currently ruling on the earlier ban – which this one seeks to extend.


2 thoughts on “Trump Extends Muslim Ban under guise of adding non Muslim Countries

  1. The POTUS is mentally ill. To report on his decisions, without noting that, is like stating, “Godzilla is not doing well in his talks with X-country”! It’s ludicrous! Trump, is clinically-mental & MANY experts have said this. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING REPORTED & PUSHED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA? I’m waiting for Trump to declare war on frigging Canada! What the H does it take to get the USA people to SEE his illness???? Seriously!

    1. Thanks and agreed…. people have spoken out today on MSM with this same perspective – that the moron thinks he can hide behind a few non Muslim countries by including them. He made his intention clear during his campaign and thereafter. he said he wanted to exclude MUSLIMS – now he is trying to make it seem otherwise as he is taken to task in the courts,

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