Transgender Military Couple Serve in Stark Contrast to Trump

Transgender Military Couple Serve in Stark Contrast to Trump: Tacitly speaking to his inability to serve as Commander in Chief without uttering one word to that effect!

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.38.23 AMJust by virtue of who they are and what they have done, this transgender military couple, Logan and Laila Ireland, slam the United States President and Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump, without saying a single derogatory word about him.

That said I will do it for them, by virtue of some basic observations:

It is devastating to our country that a morally deficient man, dispossessed of basic humanity, who lies incessantly, who entices and courts America’s adversaries, and who cowardly refused to serve in our military during our Country’s time of need, now gets to COMMAND in CHIEF and detrimentally pronounce upon the lives of those who are his antithesis in every way!

You will notice the dignity and respect – at no time did they put Trump down, save to note their feelings of disappointment  on this Ellen Show interview:-

They stand in extreme grace and fortitude, as their love for their country shines through their commitment and service, regardless of what they have been through in  their respective paths to match their outward selves to their authentic identities .   It takes courage to serve and it takes courage to transition. Not only do they serve America, but inadvertently highlight how Trump has failed to serve America!

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