Chicago Dyke March Commits Religious Bigotry Against American Dyke Jews

See petition at end of this article:

Chicago Dyke March, an annual event in Chicago turned Jewish marchers away from their event because they were carrying a rainbow flag with a Star of David embossed on it.
Laurie Grauer, a member of Chicago’s queer Jewish community and her friends were turned away from the march she had been attending annually for a decade.

Dyke March Chicago is attended by 1,500 queer women and allies in Chicago.

Organizers of the march confronted Laurie and her friends and informed them the flag was “triggering marchers,” and demanded they fold up the flag and promptly leave the March, as the event was an “anti-Zionist, pro-Palestine event.”

Anti-Semitism in the LGBTQI community is when an organization bans a rainbow flag with a Jewish symbol on it from a Gay, Dyke, LGBT PRIDE PARADE.

My question is would Dyke March of Chicago have banned a rainbow flag with a cross on it – a symbol of Christianity or any other religious symbol on a rainbow flag?

A rainbow flag with a Magan David – Star of David – is NOT an Israeli flag!   And if it triggers someone too damn bad – does that not mean that someone’s anti semitism is being triggered?

The star is a religious symbol in the same way as a cross is a religious symbol. So Dyke March Chicago performed a gross act of religious discrimination against Jews. Plain and simple.   Or was it worse?  A gross act of anti-semitism as a basis for their religious discrimination?

As a Jew who supports freedom of all religions – and the right for all to march in Pride- I am waiting for an apology from the organizers of Dyke March, Chicago: Dykes of Chicago – unless you come out against what happened – you embarrass and shame me. You offend me. You insult me.  Do not pretend to be open to full intersectionality until you embrace all LGBTQI individuals of any religion.

On cannot compare an Israeli flag to a rainbow flag which is carrying a religious symbol.

Jews in America should be free to express their religion.

The Chicago Dyke March’s Mission statement includes the following:

“[The Dyke March] is an anti-racist, anti-violent, volunteer-led, grassroots effort with a goal to bridge together communities across race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, size, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, culture, immigrant status, spirituality, and ability.”

According to the leadership at A Wider Bridge:

The Dyke March has failed to live up to their goal of “bridging together communities.” That the organizers would choose to dismiss long-time community members for choosing to express their Jewish identity or spirituality runs counter to the very values the Dyke March claims to uphold, and veers down a dangerous path toward anti-semitism.

At A Wider Bridge, we believe in the intrinsic value of being in conversation, even in cases of disagreement; of sharing, empathy, building relationships, and finding common ground. Automatically dismissing Jews and any LGBTQ person or ally who cares about Israel out of hand only builds walls between members of our diverse community.

We call on the Dyke March to issue a full public apology for dismissing LGBTQ Jews from the March, and affirm the Dyke March hold to their own values as a safe place for all LGBTQ people, including the Jewish Community.

We also invite the leadership of the Dyke March to meet with A Wider Bridge to discuss the events that took place yesterday, and to have a constructive dialogue about how anti-Semitism and calls for the disappearance of the Jewish State are creating an unsafe environment for LGBTQ Jews and allies.

Finally, we call on all of our community partners and allies in the Jewish community and the LGBTQ community who care about the advancement human rights and inclusion to join us in condemning this act of hate.

Melanie Nathan

Updated:  Here is Chicago Dyke March Statement – followed by several Twitter comments slamming them:



Updated:  Please take a look at this Petition. I signed it.  HERE.   I am sick of anti semitism – and being excluded just because I am  Jew – whether I support Israel or not is JUST an excuse to discriminate against me.  And then by my own community? The community I share elements of marginalization with? The community I have fought with?  – To feel excluded as a Jew when I work to help all LGBTQI – mostly Christians and Muslims in Africa and also Palestinian LGBTI,  who are seeking asylum or resettlement due to anti-LGBT persecution.  I do not ask people their religion or tell them to express their political thoughts and then refuse admittance into my programs based on their response or the symbol they wear around their neck. Why should I as a Jewish lesbian not be allowed to march with a rainbow flag and my Jewish symbol in a lesbian rally?  This sickens me!   

2 thoughts on “Chicago Dyke March Commits Religious Bigotry Against American Dyke Jews

  1. Melanie,

    This naked hatred of Israel and the efforts to SHAME Israel because of its human rights support for the GLBTQI community makes it obvious the goal of the BDS movement is to destroy the nation of Israel, NOT to achieve a two-state solution.

    When ilk like David Duke happily support BDS, you know who’s behind it.


    – Jim Wherry

  2. The purpose of Gay Pride is not just to promote gay rights but also to promote diversity. Anti-Semitism has no place in a pride parade (or any where else). Those who support bigotry OF ANY KIND are to be condemned.

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