Join Global Russian Protests in San Francisco


The Day of Russia (Russian: День России, Den’ Rossii) ) celebrates the end of Communist rule and the beginning of the Russian Federation. It is the national holiday of the Russian Federation. It has been celebrated annually on June 12 since 1992.  It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) on June 12, 1990. The passage of this Declaration by the First Congress of People’s Deputies marked the beginning of constitutional reform in the Russian Soviet state.  This year June 12 will be a day of protest for many, including Russians and supporters in San Francisco.

Russians and others opposed to the corruption of the Vladimir Putin regime will demonstrate in 280 Russian cities on 12 June 2017, Moscow time.

In San Francisco, a group of demonstrators will gather in front of the San Francisco Russian consulate, 2790 Green St., led by Vitaly Ataev-Troshin (activist and journalist, Russian/American resident) at 7 P. M. on 11 June 2017.

Many demonstrators will carry yellow rubber ducks that have become a symbol of corruption of the Russian government.

Mr. Ataev-Troshin will have a 6 foot rubber duck emphasizing the rampant corruption at all levels of the Russian government.
Vitaly Ataev-Troshin – Email:

Russian consulate – 1-415-346-1949 (

A note from Melanie Nathan: Let us show our support especially given that our own Democracy has clearly been impacted by Putin’s corruption and interference.

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