Brutal Rape and Murder of South African Lesbian Calls Attention to Failing Task Team

Warning: Horrific Photo below – An openly lesbian woman from Soweto has been brutalized and murdered in a suspected hate crime, as reported by Mambaonline:

On Sunday, the half naked body covered by rocks,  of 27-year-old Lerato Tambai Moloi, described by activists as a “butch” lesbian, was found in Naledi Ext.

She was discovered by community members who were cutting down tall grass in a field near a railway line. Her trousers and underwear had been pulled down. Large rocks had been thrown onto her head.

According to a police statement, Moloi also had three wounds to her neck. A knife was found next to her body. It is believed that she was raped.

Mamba Online reports that Moloi was last seen in the early hours of Sunday morning at the Gift’s Inn tavern with a 38-year-old man, who has now been arrested as a suspect in the murder. Forensic samples will be taken from both the victim and the suspect, said police.  READ MORE

So called “corrective rape” has long plagued the South African lesbian community – especially in the Township areas- In 2011 I was part of an activist team that initiated the establishment of a  government and citizen partnered Task Team to investigate and tackle the endemic issue and this Task team does not seem to have provided much progress:

Per Mamba Online’s reporting: “Not only is the criminal justice system failing these and other LGBTI victims of hate, but so too are the structures initiated by government to tackle this scourge,” said Lerato Phalakatshela, Hate Crime Manager at OUT LGBT Well-being and spokesperson for the Love Not Hate campaign.

He admitted that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s Task Team and Rapid Response Team “are not delivering what was expected”.

WARNING Horrific Photo conveys the reality of the brutality:

WARNING Horrific Photo conveys the reality of the brutality: Corrective Rape and Murders endemic in South Africa

Melanie Nathan

NOTE:  The San Francisco Bay area community will gather for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) on Wed., May 17, 2017, 6 to 7pm, at Harvey Milk Plaza (2401 Market at Castro Street.) Participants in IDAHOT events globally will be posting actions on social media with the hashtags #IDAHOT and #IFED2017 to inspire and encourage others.     I will be speaking at this Rally and I will talk about this  sad loss to the SA Lesbian and Gay community.

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