Jews Disgusted by TRUMP Speaking at Holocaust Remembrance

  Trump speaks on Capitol Hill during the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s National Days of Remembrance ceremony

Today, I watched Donald Trump speak at a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in the Capital Rotunda. My reaction was visceral and I could not control the surge of anger. It was as if I had just seen, at that very microphone, every Nazi who had ever beaten a Jew. I saw a sick piece of filth, trying to spin yet another con! I thought – ‘how dare he – how disingenuous.’ It was scripted and it was as sincere as a tree with its roots reaching for the sky!

I received this e-mail below, and realized that I am not alone in my feelings and resolve:

Today, Jews across the country reacted with anger and disbelief as President Trump spoke at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda.

It made me sick to my stomach to know his carefully scripted remarks were designed to grow his legitimacy. Trump may have read the right words today, but his actions and rhetoric for the last year and more tell a completely different story, and we will not be fooled.

The good news is that the message of our community’s outrage is spreading. Within 24 hours, the open letter we launched yesterday was covered in the New York Times, USA Today, CNN, Vox, Newsweek, The Forward, Jewschool, and more.

Each of those articles contrasts Trump’s newfound promise to fight antisemitism with the content of our petition — the abhorrent actions from his first 100 days in office, the trail of hate he left on his campaign, and the network of white nationalists working in the White House.2

Right now, we need to keep up the pressure to make sure Trump can’t use this moment to grow his legitimacy in the Jewish community and beyond.

Join 8,000 others and add your name to the open letter from American Jews:

Headlines like “Trump vows to fight anti-Semitism” are making the rounds after Trump’s speech. For us, “Never Again” means not letting him get away with the hate he campaigned on, and the hate in his first 100 days in office.

We have a responsibility to make it clear: American Jews reject Trump and his contempt for the most fundamental Jewish and American values, and we will not be fooled.

Please join us and add your name to the open letter from American Jews: This President has no business speaking at a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony.

With gratitude,

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block
Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action


This is why Trump, with Bannon at his side, did not allow himself to be seen to be acknowledging the Holocaust and why we detected all that anti-semitic undertone prior to today’s speech.  Trump wanted these voters. And now after today’s speech, the KKK, the Nazis, the White Supremacists, and all who were enamored and inspired to vote by Trump’s anti-Jewish tones, feel betrayed.
The progressive Jews remain alienated and angry. They are not duped by today’s speech, which fails to eradicate the harm Trump already caused by courting the Jew haters. And now the haters – feeling betrayed by Trump – are coming out and saying this:

Our President is being held hostage by Christ-killing Jews……..

You remember when he gave the Holocaust Day message that didn’t include the Jews?

You remember when it then came out that Jews tried to include Jews in the Holocaust Day message and the White House blocked it and said they didn’t want Jews to be mentioned?

Do you remember when Donald Trump lobbied to take “anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis” off the extremist list?

Do you remember when Trump sent the FBI to arrest the ADL’s Jew prank call hoaxer?

Our President is being held hostage by vicious Jews.

On some level, it doesn’t even matter. Because we are where we are now.

But I think it is important on a personal and I dare say a spiritual level to understand that the Trump movement was real, Trump was real, he was fighting for us, the people.

But whatever happened around the period of the last week of March, Our President is no longer Our President.

He lost the fight.

He is a hostage of the Jews, and he is doing their bidding.

And now, we stand opposed.

And so the loser remains the American people- all of us stuck with this schmuck who will play any side as it suits him. All told he is a con! The only difference between Jews and White Supremacists is that Jews tend to have more ‘seigel’ and prize education- and are not stupid like those low IQ’ed uneducated white supremacist hicks. Jews won’t be sucked in by his flip flopping games – nor so totally conned! Yes, the Bannon Boys were used and conned – and here they admit it!

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