Pastor Expels Lesbians from Church telling them to Burn in Hell

Lungi Magwaza, sa pastorI have come to learn that when a person attaches the word PASTOR to their name, we cannot always trust that they will be real Christians, or loving, or kind, for that matter. I have come to learn that some propose the antithesis of the intention of the Christian religion – forgetting to love, not to hate – to be charitable and kind and of course compassionate.  I thought THAT was the teaching of Christ. And don’t give me that cloudy bullshit of “loving the sinner and hating the sin,” because when people assault, maim and kill with Pastor’s permissive voice ringing in their ear, in essence calling for violence, there IS no distinction between the so called ‘sinner’ or ‘sin.’  All I know is Pastors of this creed are championing the milieu in which most are unable to distinguish the difference: I am thus led to believe there is no difference. The sinner the sin its one and pastor is playing G-D!

So here is yet another so called self prescribed Christian ‘Pastor’:  The Sowetan reports:

Pastor Lungi Magwaza, the popular Imbokodo FM presenter and church pastor in Durban, has come under fire for banning lesbians from her church:

The founder of Kingdom Life Ministries was last weekend caught on tape expelling the women and using foul language as she threatened them. She told them that they deserved to burn in hell and that they were a disgrace before God. She presents the mid-morning show on the community radio station where she plays gospel and spiritual music.

Sowetan has obtained recorded sound clips of Magwaza’s attack.

She told them that according to the Bible they must be stoned to death because they were a disgrace for committing an “abomination”. “You are an old woman with three kids. You should be ashamed of yourself.,” Magwaza said, condemning them for dating other women.

She then told them that she once badly beat up a woman who tried to seduce her while playing women’s soccer at Mangosuthu University of Technology some years back.

Magwaza said there were desperate men out there looking for love and these women should be ashamed. She threatened to beat them up if they ever showed their faces in her church again.

One of the victims spoke to Sowetan on condition of anonymity. She said Magwaza first expelled her from the church for using incense.

“She accused me of touching the private parts of women members. I am a lesbian but I never touched any private [parts] of members in the church, I always respect the house of God,” she said.

Another victim said Magwaza had not welcomed them.

“We told her to pray for us, but whenever she was preaching she made us feel like we are in the wrong place.”

Yesterday, Magwaza said she was not sorry for expelling the lesbians from her church as they were setting a bad example to young people.


South Africa has an all inclusive Constitution – equality for all sexual orientations and gender identities.  And while it also allows for freedom of religion, it does have punitive measures for people who indulge in hate speech.  How to distinguish between G-d’s word and hate speech – is probably an easy task.  I dont think G-d made a habit of using the F word and banning people from houses of worship – especially if G-d believed they were indeed sinners. So here the human god may have found her self designed toilet a little hard to poop in.  This aint no real church, surely.  It sure does NOT sound like the Christianity I believe most want to subscribe too.

Melanie Nathan
Tweet: @MelanieNathan1

2 thoughts on “Pastor Expels Lesbians from Church telling them to Burn in Hell

  1. This is pure evil, a christian does not speak like that let alone a pastor. The woman needs serious prayers hoooooo I’m shocked.

  2. Sadly, we have the same type of “christians” in the United States! As an ordained Christian minister, I find these people repulsive in the eyes of God. There is a huge difference between Christians and christians!

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