Ugandan Preacher Gets Unexpected ‘Welcome’ in London

By Melanie Nathan, March 20, 2015.

Kiganda protest londonProminent Ugandan anti-gay preacher, “Bishop” David Livingstone Kiganda, was greeted to a rowdy welcome when he arrived to speak at a London event. However it was not the welcome he had expected.

When Kiganda arrived at  Commission Church, London, to preach last night, LGBTI Ugandan exiles were the first to meet the voracious homophobe, chanting “Shame on you Kiganda”.

As the Ugandan preacher walked from the car into the event, to the shouts of the crowd of protestors, he may have noticed that the event was almost empty and his greeters, the demonstrators, far outnumbered supporters. It was embarrassing.

Yes, he found more people protesting than people interested in hearing him preach. As he left the car to enter the building, the protestors crowded Kiganda with their signs close to his face, giving him a taste of what it feels like to be berated by a horde of people, emulating the experience of gays in Uganda.


Kiganda has held rallies in Uganda where guest clergy preached support for the Anti-Homosexuality Act, dubbed Uganda’s “Kill the Gays Bill.”

After the Bill was passed in 2013, it was invalidated by the Courts 8 months later. The day before the Bill was declared invalid because of the lack of a quorum in the Ugandan Parliament, Kiganda appeared  on a prime time talk show – 93 Kingdom FM, Christian radio, where he declared:

” If gays win the court case tomorrow, trust me we are going to slaughter them, they are few in numbers and we know that.”

Ugandan LGBTI exile protestors holding their posters on the window toward the almost empty room as Kiganda had not followers show up.
Ugandan LGBTI exile protestors holding their posters on the window toward the almost empty room as Kiganda had not followers show up.

This call to kill  gays by Kiganda contributed to the riling up of a massive amount of anti-gay sentiment, creating a dangerous anti-gay milieu in Uganda, leading to serious persecution suffered by hundreds of LGBTI Ugandans, some of whom were forced to leave their country and go into exile, with many still suffering the repercussions while awaiting resettlement as refugees.

One can only imagine how empowering and gratifying if must have felt for the protestors to face the demon who had caused so much hurt and pain to fellow Ugandans. And one can only admire how they were able to contain themselves to keep it peaceful, given that many had to run from their homes because of this so called “man of God” calling for their slaughter. I did not hear a single gay person call for Kiganda to be killed. Yet he would call for their death in a heartbeat, proving that gays are peace loving, decent and hurt no one.

Let this be a lesson to Kiganda and his supporters to stop wasting the thousands of pounds it costs to send the anti-gay Bishop to the United Kingdom, where he is not welcome and where no one is interested to hear his rants.

Perhaps next time he will be refused a visa.

One also wonders why the Bishop, so critical of Western values, especially the pro equality treatment of LGBTI people, would visit a country to which such little respect is shown.

It is interesting to note how supportive and friendly the London police officers were to the protestors, smiling in an understanding way.

Yes, indeed Kiganda certainly looked the fool!


Kiganda protest empty chairs
Kiganda event empty chairs!

14 thoughts on “Ugandan Preacher Gets Unexpected ‘Welcome’ in London

  1. “I did not hear a single gay person call for Kiganda to be killed.”

    This ^

    is the difference between LGBTI & Kiganda.

    Happy to see him both confronted & ignored.

  2. I wish they would acknowledge that all people have as much right to pursue a heterosexual lifestyle as they do to pursue homosexuality. Former homosexuals and lesbians should not be harassed and castigated by the gay community. But I have never heard any gay or lesbian leaders speak out against the violence (such as bomb threats and physical/verbal abuse) which some people perpetuate against Exodus ministries._

    1. LOL another case of the persecutor pretending to be the victim. This is a very usual occurrence when a group of powerful clergy who use the Bible to hurt gays suddenly start to pretend they are the victims. Michael let me explain a very simple concept to you my friend. Homosexuals are the ones being sent to prison because of WHO THEY ARE – not the nice Christians you are trying to pretend are victims. No one is criminalizing heterosexuality. No one is saying that heterosexual MUST go to jail for 14 years for falling in love and having sex???? Yet that is what your clergy are supporting against gays. Come back and play victim when WHO yu are or your right to practice your religion is made illegal and then maybe I will feel sorry for your cause. In the meantime as long as you support the persecution of gays – you are the oppressor my friend – not the other way around. HETEROSEXUALS and CHRISTIANS in UGANDA have not been stripped of their basic human rights. Exodus ministries declared WAR on gays. You dont think gays have the right to defend themselves?

  3. As far as I know Bishop Kiganda, He has never and never gave any orders to kill Homosexuals, and I believe if he had done that, he wouldn’t be given a visa to UK like other preachers who preach hate. Bishop Kiganda preaches forgiveness and Repentance, Would like any gay activitist to come up with any tangible proof when Bishop Kiganda is ordering for gay slaughter as its alleged by some so called activists. its so unfortunate that some people take this as an opportunity to seek for asylum and others uses as a trick to solicit for money pretending to save gays in uganda yet are conmen. Since Bishop Kiganda is innocent, He will always be kept not only the earthly Authorities like UK, Uganda but also Under the Heavenly Protection Unit. No and I repeat it, No Weapon Forged to Fight against him that shall prosper. Because He is Innocent. Please anyone before joining people with agendas you dont know. consider finding the truth first. If anyone has proof of Bishop kiganda commanding the slaughter of gays in Uganda please present it forward. If Not that call for forgiveness from the Almighty Creator for trying to persecute his Faithful servant.

    1. Oh my my my dear friend Zion – there are several million witnesses to Kiganda’s statement about slaughtering gays. At the time when he said it on Christian radio station which is named here – many many people called press to repeat what he had said. And all these people did not even know each other. I received several emails and messages from people who did not even know each other – and Kiganda has not even denied saying it. He was proud of it. So its time to face the reality and truth my friend. Instead of asking for proof- why dont you just do some good in the Christian world of Uganda and ask people to be nice, kind and gentle to ALL Ugandans – and to NOT clal for violence – but to do what Christianity expects of its desciples. The truth is abundantly clear – after the AHA was signed thousands of people led by clergy took to the streets calling for action against gays and it caused mob reaction, evictions, firings, assaults, threats and much more…people fled because of it – and now you are grumpy because those same people are living in a country where they have THANK GOD the freedom to confront Kiganda and his hate,.

  4. If the whole world agreed to believe that 1+2=4, would it change the truth that it is 3? You people in the west lead the most artificial lives on the planet. It’s why moral degeneration and demonic influence are always an inevitable aspect of your society. Your Psychiatry has it that Homosexuality is a form sexual disorientation and mental illness (The Diagnostic Statistics Manual) If you give ‘born’ homosexuals their rights, what will you do with ‘born’ thieves (kleptomaniacs), ‘born’ rapists and ‘born’ killers? For your info, Bishop David Kiganda has returned to Uganda and was treated to a thunderous heroic welcome at Entebbe International Airport, a function covered live on radio where he emphantically declared, “We shall not change our stand against homosexuality.” Uganda detests and abhores the evil of homosexuality. The God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah is still the God of the universe, our only maker and breaker. Stand Warned!

    1. Hello Uganda and the perfect heterosexual sinless world of Kiganda – here is why people like Kiganda are monsters:
      He helps politicians divert the sheep-like masses like Gordon from the real problems of Uganda.

      So why do YOU do that and what are the real problems of Uganda?

      It has never been proven that a single homosexual has caused any harm that people like Kiganda accuse them of. Show me???

      YET Kiganda has never said a word about the tens of thousands of heterosexual sinners – the heterosexual fathers of children who leave their women and wives with unsupported starving and unfed children – to go on to find more women to have more kids with. Surely we should sentence men who cannot feed their children and force their women into prostitution to feed kids – to life in prison – they are the real criminals the real sinners AND NOT TO MENTION THE HETEROSEXUAL RAPISTS – are you one Gordon? but no I do not see such legislation. In fact I do not even see a family bill that compels a man to support his child.

      Then that same heterosexual man will pay one of the thousands of Ugandan women forced into prostitution on the streets to have sex with her while he has a wife at home. He and Kiganda will denounce homosexuality as a sin while he commits adultery every day!

      The woman has to feed her kids while the man is fucking other women SIN? KIGANDA HELLO where are you?

      So we pick and choose which SINS suit us Gordon right. Maybe you are one of those men failing to support your kids – and so it is convenient to have gays as scapegoats?

      Maybe you support the dictator – so its convenient to have gays as scapegoats?

      Maybe you support political oppression where you torture your opposition so they are too afraind to vote – and so you use gays as scapegoats?

      There is such a HuGE sin there but we will not choose any o thise sins to focus on shall we – its easier to take a small minority of human citizens and pick on them – and bully them by a rowdy crowd of people like sheep who want to pretend that they are happy with life when they are truly miserable because of Mr Big Dictator. He is fat while others starve.

      So the sins that impact women and children of Uganda are ignored by Kiganda – he would rather spend his time screaming about homosexuality because he is basically rewarded by tithe and politicians to do that. To take the focus of the REAL problems and the real SINS!!! By keeping people fearful people will continue to p[ay the Church of Kiganda their weekly donation and he gets fat and rich too. All at the expense of one minority persecuted as scapegoats because Uganda chooses one sin to blame on the west.

      When the truth is there were men fucking men long before the Colonialists came along with their Penal Codes and Bibles to give you those sins to choose from. Goddamn yu are so foolish to accept the Colonialists word the way you do. How about really going back to African tradition at its ultimate truth seek a little ubuntu it may do you good! leave the gays alone. God will deal with those who pretend to be God in his stead – choosing which sins are good and bad on earth avail you of naught when you get to heaven GORDON!!! !

    2. There’s no “evil”, Gordon. None. Same-sex attraction is well-documented in all species on our planet.

      In the real world, this is understood. However, in the “let’s froth the unknowing up & try to instil fear into them via untruths & blatant lie” folk-world, you get exactly what you’ve presented as your “take” on things. Fear & misinformation masquerading as truth.

      Btw, I do not lead an “artificial life”, thanks for that. I am a business-owner & lesbian mother of two fairly massively over-achieving, empathetic, volunteer-driven, healthy, sweet, friendly, unbiased children. It always strikes me that those who apparently have no “real” idea of how love & family works are the first to attempt to crush those families unlike their own (whatever make-up they may be). Why on earth & who the frick are you try to upset & define ANY family? How *dare* you!?

      To address your other “point” (BIAS) about rights not being afforded other “groups” which you then list (killers, rapists, etc)- that have *nothing* to do with LGBTI people (but all of your ilk seem to use the same, “let’s try the guilt-by-association routine again” lie, lie, lie), allow me to elucidate the key difference which has apparently escaped you: rights are not afforded to those who, without consent, attempt to do something via force.

      Do you see the difference now? CONSENT. Consent is the defining point. It is the point which differentiates a crime, from the consensual joining of two, loving, CONSENTING adults from seeking the relationship they wish to enter into. That’s all. It’s pretty simplistic.

      Lastly- enjoy your religion of choice- it’s also a right…until it steps on mine.

      Get it now????

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