Not Gay Shock at Resignation of Rep Aaron Schock

By Melanie Nathan, March 17, 2015.

schockThe impending resignation has nothing to do with the outing of an allegedly deep in the closet Rep. Aaron Schock, the Republican Congressman from Illinois,  who declared today that he would resign from Congress, amidst numerous reports of spending misdeeds.

Schock, 33, has endured weeks of headlines about the manner in which he has spent from his taxpayer-funded account for official expenses. He has also endured remarks about the possibility that he could be hiding that he is gay. Some people outraged, that if that were the case, he would not only be hiding who he is, but also aligning with a Party, working for years against equality.

aaron schockI was recently informed by the owner of a local Washington D.C. establishment that he had received direct reports “from the horses mouth” – so to speak – that the seemingly single Mr. Schock had been intimate with the man.

No doubt I am shocked that its not the ‘gay-thang’ but rather financial spending that has invoked this shock about Schock and his downfall. But of course not guilty until proven so! On either count!

The Office of Congressional Ethics had commenced a review of his spending, The Washington Post reported Monday, after reports that started with a $40,000 tab on decorating his Capitol Hill office in the manner of the PBS show “Downton Abbey” and continued into personal finances and travel expenditures.

[Feb. 2: Rep. Schock has a “Downton Abbey”-inspired office, but he does not want to talk about it]

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